Rehomed Archive


We love to 'catch up' with our re-homed animals so please let us know how you are getting on and send us some pictures for this page!!!

BRAMBLE (formerly Rollo)

This is our wonderful 'Bramble' formerly 'Rollo'.  We adopted him four and a half years ago back in 2014.  He loves playing and going on holiday.  This year 'The Isle of Wight', Whitby and Kirbymoorside   -   Diane Hall 



Remember Dotty she came to live with us in Wycoller, way back 2011 !?

Out of curiosity I‘ve just had a look through your Re-homed Archives and was prompted to send you some recent pictures, just to ‘catch-up’ and show you how well Dotty is keeping, now in her 9th year (and still ’as daft as a brush’ and providing no end of ‘entertainment’ !!!!!!!!!)

We’ve had quite a time of it, first selling our Lancashire home in September 2016, then living in a caravan in Northumberland before renting a cottage in The Cheviots whilst we searched for a permanent home, ostensibly in Northumberland but – we (or rather, I !) got carried away when last May, we found OUR “Forever Home” in ........... Angus, Scotland – where we have all settled well surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Angus Glens.  Henceforth, Dotty now ‘woofs’ with a Scottish accent, och aye !!!!
Best wishes Pat, George & Dotty.



Jack is settling really well in his new home.  He is adored and loved so much with his new mum and dad Andrew  Caroline.



I hope you're doing well! We just wanted to give you updates on my beautiful kitty.  Blade (Or Felix as he's come to be known), is so happy and energetic, and we don't really have any problems with him. He's been eating  a lot and almost never has an upset stomach. He's very spoiled, we got him a new expandable tunnel, and he always has toys strewn around the flat, and even sleeps with his teddy bear on occasion. Anyway, I've attached some pictures of him below, he's gotten so much bigger now! 
I didn't think he'd grow much since he was already an adult, but his arms seem to have gotten stronger and he's a bit broader, I think it's all the running up ad down stairs!
Anyway, I think he looks forward to seeing you guys when he goes for his shots next month!
Take care



Thought you might like an update.  Bonnie is doing really well and coming out of herself more and more each day.  

Still eating lord knows how much and is even coming to the door to greet me and Ron when we come home now. 

She’s loving been pampered, loves her belly been stroked, coming around to been picked up and loved, enjoys been combed and...oh nearly forgot.  She loves watching tv!! 😂


Here is a few new pics of Ziggy, we are moving to Spain next year so he is learning to bark in Spanish 🤡



BOBO (was Bow)

Couple of pics of Bobo, she is settling in well.   She has so much love.



Just wanted to say that Blade is still doing great, and is the most wonderful thing to ever happen in this flat. I don't tend to get many pictures of him because he's annoyed when I'm on my phone instead of paying attention to him, but here are a few we've got


BLU now Belle

Blue (belle) has settled in just fine she's so loving and excitable we already love her so much. She slept in bed with us last night and was such a good girl taken her on two walks and she's been great.   She has had a bath which she didn't seem to like that much but was still really good.



We're away camping at the moment and she is having a whale of a time  😀  She has really settled in well and is an absolute star with everyone that she meets.

I couldn't ask for a better dog and I'm so happy with her.



She loves going to the local park and playing chase with all her friends, if they aren't around she plays with me and the Kong if I'm lucky she even brings it back.  At home she enjoys being in the garden where she's made herself a den very useful as any stolen treasure is taken there so its easy to retrieve.  Best of all she's happy much more confident and a big softie who loves a cuddle.



Hello Sue, Dawn and everyone at RAW who were involved with Sparkle. He's settled in really well and is a beautiful little dog.As I told Sue, he and Scarlett are getting on really well and are playing nicely under supervision...she can be a bit giddy! He loves it though and runs back for more fun.

 He's sleeps in our bedroom at night in his crate with Scarlett beside him in her basket and has been as good as gold.

 We've not had any mess from him either as he runs straight to his puppy pads when he want's the toilet.

He was travel sick on the journey home so we are taking him on short journeys to get used to travelling in the  car.

 He's  walking quite nicely on the lead (we got him a little harness) and having Scarlett alongside gives him confidence. As expected he's  a bit scared of traffic noises but we are easing him into it gently.

 All in all he’s a little ray of sunshine and made our family complete so thanks very much to everyone.

Hi Jan, here are some photo's of Rio that I promised you. He has settled in lovely and is gaining in confidence everyday although we have a long way to 
go.He is a lovely gentle dog and it feels like he has been with us for ever, thank you.


 I thought that you might like to see a few photos of Faith, 3 months or so on from Adoption. She has settled in really well, loves her food, treats, morning walk and bed. She has 3 of her own beds around the house, but ignores those for the living room settee, and my bed, where its often a fight to get the most room on it. She often is not so keen on a second walk, especially if its warm, and rain is a definite no- no. Just been on holiday where these photos were taken, she was puzzled but not frightened by the sea, went in but not too far, but absolutely loved the beaches for digging and a good run.

 Downsides: few, but will insist on chewing on small pieces of gravel, we think its an attempt to get attention, yep it works, as we don't want her breaking her teeth or swallowing them, so gets put inside and then barks away like anything. Any ideas on breaking that habit welcome, but taking up the gravel bed in the garden not an option, it only got there because our previous companion was forever digging up the lawn to get to Australia. Oh, never come across such a hair shedding dog before, its everywhere, just have to learn to live with it, else the hoover would be out 3 or 4 times a day, doesn't seem to reduce the amount of hair on her though, as can be seen by last weeks photos. So, lots of hand scragging, combs and brushes do not work.

 Upsides: Many; what a loving, friendly, playful (when not sleeping of course, which takes up a lot of the dog's working day) companion. Cannot understand why she was in the kennels so long. Some people are wary of her appearance i suppose, but usually get won over if they take the time to introduce themselves.


Holly the cat as really settled now. loves lots of hugs, loves to play with her humans. I
live on a main road so Holly is an indoor cat.
She is a pleasure to have in the family.


Hi Jan,

Just a little update on Toto. He's very well and keeping everyone on their toes!

As you can imagine he's into absolutely everything... he's also made lots of new friends and has been loving his days out at his grandmas with their Labrador 'Bruce'.

He is so energetic but also so very lovable. He's even learned how to sit and lay by command :-) Will keep you updated

P.s not sure whether you can tell on the photos I've sent you but he went for his first groom a couple of weeks ago too!

Lauren and Zak x


Hi Jan,

   Jess is doing great, she is coming out of her shell and growing in confidence everyday. She is fab with the kids and seems to be loving the beaches!   She is fab in herself and is a proper little character and so much part of the family it's like she's always been here! 

Here are a couple of photos of Jess on her first Barker family holiday! 


Jess is very loving  (when she chooses) she loves giving kisses and getting cuddles in bed on a morning. She is very playful and just loves getting into mischief. Jess loves to explore the outside she now spends most of the day sun bathing and having a lazy day. 
  Jess really enjoys the luxury in life, time on the beds, playing with her toys and dreamies cat treats (she really loves them). We all love jess so much and couldn't imagine being without her now. She still trys to be the boss haha 


Heidi is settling well in to her new home with Carol.


Faith waited such a long time for her new home-everyone at RAW was sooooo happy when she finally had a new family!!

As you can see, Faith settled in straight away. Has collard all the best seats, as well as my bed.

Loves chewing her beds so much had to take them away from her to stop the filling going into her tum, on the lookout for those plastic ones now.

Lovely personality, manners, wows all the locals who have come up to meet her.

Will be a good guard dog, as barks at everything that moves outside.

But by golly does she snore, as Dawn told us. Loves her cuddles though, big lap dog really.

Best Regards

Bill Robson

Lennox seems to be making himself at home!!


Hello Janette (and Joanne):

Well what a lovely surprise, only this last week-end have I been attempting to sort-out some pictures in readiness to send to you next month on the anniversary of Dotty having been living with us for 5 years!  Now aged 7, we brought her home from RAW on 28th May 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s such a brilliant little dog, a wonderful companion and faithful to the Nth  degree and no matter where I go, she’s right there - we’re like the Dynamic Duo except she’s the more dynamic !!

Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment and we love her dearly and are so glad she’s part of our family and as for Dotty’s sentiments, well:

 …………….. “Life is skittles ……………  !!!!!!!!!!!


By way of a catch-up, I’ve attached 2 pictures of each of the 4 seasons starting with this Spring (sort of !) and working backwards (!!), ending with a Cuddle Comfort one (!!), so you might find something to add to the archive – of course, always having the camera with me and us living in a rural area, no opportunity is missed for a photo-shoot so it was difficult to choose which ones to send !



1)   Upstaging the daffodils in the garden.

2)   Posing on a stone wall close-by the house.


3)   Peeping around the side of a bale.

4)   Simply the ‘joie de vivre’ !


5)  Up to her armpits in Autumn leaves !

6)  Seeking-out some ‘wee timorous beastie’ behind the log pile !!


7)  Admiring the view of “Pendle Hill” in the distance.
8)  Taking a refreshing dip’ in Wycoller Beck, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!


9)  After all that fresh air, a well-deserved cuddle with her “Dad” !!


Anyway. Janette/Joanne, thank you again for allowing us to adopt the most super little dog, whatever the outing, it’s always a real adventure.

Patricia and George


They've settled in really well and are so affectionate and full of character. I'm in love

I’ve worked out that he’s a pretty smart cat, but he hasn’t learned to use a keyboard yet, so here’s Lionel’s thoughts for the website:


“I’d had a pretty rotten time just lately – I’d lost my original home and being rehomed but it didn’t work out the first time, so I was ready for a lucky break. My new owner had recently lost her elderly cat and was missing cat cuddles, so she was understandably very pleased to be put in touch with someone as gorgeous as me. I could tell she was besotted with me within five minutes of meeting me (who wouldn’t be?) and I suspected my luck was starting to change for the better.

My new owner took me home to a nice new house  and gave me loads of attention. She even forgave me when I tiddled in her house a lot whilst I was settling down – and when I stole the prawns out of her curry whilst she was answering the phone – so you can see that she’s well on the way to being trained.

As you can see from the photos, I’ve settled in rather well – and am much happier now I can explore my owner’s garden and the allotments behind her house – and claim them all for the Empire of Lionel. I now sleep on my owner’s bed every night – that is, when I’m not out and about having night time adventures. Because I can’t type yet (although I’m sure it can’t be that hard) my owner has kindly offered to type these words of wisdom, and I’m helping out by jumping on the mouse and the keyboard and attacking paper every time it comes out of the printer.

I think I might stay here forever – the cuddles are always on tap, the nosh is good and the allotments are full of little furry thing for me to chase – heaven!”


Jess looking all settled and happy in her new home with Amy


Good morning.  Please see below a photo of Izzy this morning!  After a few hours behind the sofa when she first arrived, she has settled in quite well and has laid claim to our bed, much to Benji's disgust!  Lol
She has been having a really good look around the house and seems to like our attic room and the windowsill in the living room!  She hasn't soiled anywhere in the house and is keen to go outside! She loves looking through the cat flap "window" Lol  - Will keep her in a while longer though....



Dear Jan and David,

We now have a companion for Ronda and they seem to be getting on well.

  He is also a stray from Romania and is 7 years old and has suffered much cruelty. 

He has had his tail chopped off, his nose bashed in and been caught in a snare leaving a ghastly scar round his waist, but at least he is getting some TLC now.

We do not yet know him well but he and Ronda certainly hit it off.

She gives us such joy!

Best wishes, Susanna Hawthorne.


"looks like these 2 have settled in well"


We picked Eve up today,
She is such a lovely girl She was settled from the first second, she came out of her carrier straight to the sofa and had a nap.
After she spent most of the day on the cat activity tree (avoiding my toddler!) she became a little braver and stole my spot on the sofa. She is such a lovely girl She really does act like she has been with us forever.
Angela Walker

I just wanted to send you an update and thanks for allowing me to adopt a dog.

 I took home Tetley (previously named Cole) on 23rd October. He really settled in quickly and has made this his home. He's so enriched my life.

 We spend the weekends in the peaks with nice walks, and he's the only person to get me out of bed regularly at half six! He's made loads of new friends who like to fuss him.

 We have lots of fun everyday wrestling, playing tug and fetch, and he has more toys than a nursery! We have also spent a holiday at the beach in Whitby, which he loved too.

 We've had so much fun, that we haven't had time to send photos until now. But I wanted to send some to show that all is well and he's happy!

 Thanks again!

 Tony and Tetley

It's Rufus's (aka Lucas) 1st year anniversary that he came to live with us today, I've got to say it's flown by!

He's still a handful and will eat literally anything and everything, we put this down to him living on the streets.

We adore every bit of him, he's funny, he's loving, he's playful and everyone who meets him falls inlove instantly.

Thank you once again for our little boy and Ted's best friend xxx

Jo Harris

Susanna has sent these pictures of Ronda with her new friend Eddie.

This is Milly (Holly) she's been with us for a year now.
There's no denying it's been hard work at times, especially over the first few months, but after showering her with love and affection, lots of good food and a bit of training !
She has matured into a lovely, friendly and very affectionate Patterdale, who came to us as an obvious working/outdoor dog and now demands all the luxuries that life has to offer.

Neil Harrison


Cooper and George are absolute sweethearts, they're great and I'm very happy to have them in my life.
This photo shows them  cuddled up together looking adorable.


Teresa Van Damme Mann
Update: All cats roaming round the house. Its going fantastic, yay 😀


Carol Hill-Firth  Valerie living it up .... yeah right she's so so laid back and enjoying life to the max. I serve her well lol

Missy has settled well, if not running the place...


Hiya Sharon,

Its been a couple of weeks now since Millie adopted me as her owner (you think I'm kidding don't you) ,

and I just wanted to give you an update on how she is settling in.

The first couple of days were a little tense, but after a few handfuls of dreamies Millie started to come round.

Since then Millie has really made herself at home,  and is getting lots of visitors and winning the hearts of everyone who sees her.

She sees me off to work everyday and greets me with loving look and meow when I return...mainly because its teatime, but I'm sure there's a bit of love in her meow as well.

I cannot thank Kathleen and her husband enough for looking after Millie for me over Christmas, and Sharon for making Millie's adoption so easy and simple.

May I wish you every success in rehoming many more cats like Millie, and I'll keep you informed of her progress in keeping me on my toes.

Neil....and of course, Millie. Xx.


Hi Sharon
He is trying to! He's "helped" with the tree and all the decorations if nothing else....! Little terror.
Thank you for the Christmas card by the way, Stevie gave it a little nibble when he saw it.
Have attached some more recent photos for you, he's got so big!


Just thought you’d like to see how the girls are at Christmas.
Tilly loves the tree - thinks it is just for her; she plays like a kitten! and goes out a lot - they are using the cat flap to move freely now.
Bella is a real baby cat - she climbs all over me, comes for a snuggle when I go to bed; they both want to be with us all the time. Bella also goes out a lot - she likes to explore.
They are having run ins with the large one eyed cat George from down the street - he chases them back in and Tilly howls and growls at him! he hasn’t got the message yet.
We go for walks up the garden and sit and groom them which they both like. 
We are so glad we have them and are looking forward to Christmas 

Kath & Mick

Hi Janette

Zac is still the centre of our lives…..  Here are some new photos….. 

His Lordship now divides his time between Meltham and Limousin in France, where he has encountered coypus, geckos and toads (taste nasty, silly boy!…..)

Still viewed by the local farmers in France as an excellent hunt dog (no chance !)


Tina, Rob and Zac x

Tiny and Logan look so happy and content in their lovely new home

And Oscar came too!!!

Oscar was loving the attention at the recent wedding of Stacey &  Chris.

Here's Oscar looking dapper in his matching bow tie on our wedding day last month.

He came to us 2 years 9 months ago from RAW and has been a huge part of our lives ever since.

It was therefore key that he was a big part of our wedding day just as he is our everyday lives.

He came to the venue and was loving the attention from everyone. What a cutie!!


Bella and Tilley in their new home, I think they like it!

Here's a couple of pics of Maddie now she's put some weight on. She settled in straight away and is now enjoying every minute of her new life. 
She loves meeting new people, especially children. Everyone who meets her ask me If they can have her if ever I don't want her.
 No chance! I'd be lost without her. She's a very intelligent dog and learns very quickly. 
Good on the leash and obeys all her commands. Very soon after I got her, she learned how to open sliding doors, and also the washing machine door to sniff the washing! 
Never made any mess or chewed anything. She can snore for England and grunts like a pig if anything meets with her approval. I couldn't have wished for a better dog. 
Kenneth Manterfield

Hi Janette,
We rescued Teddy(black and white border collie) from you on 09.06.12. 
Hopefully I have attached a photo of Teddy(he is the bigger collie at the front) with his 'sister' Maisie, also a rescue border collie.
Teddy and I have a wonderful bond- he is the best dog in the world- I love him to bits! Without organisations like yours we wouldn't have Ted. 
 Thank  you.
Caroline Holroyd.

Just a note to say Pedro is doing well and settling in.
Pedro is doing well with his training he sits, lies down when asked and is doing well when feeding and walking him but still needs some work but we are getting there.  
Tony & Julie


Brought these 2 cuties home Monday from ‪#‎RAW‬ Settled in very quickly. Me & my partner very happy we have these little faces to wake up to

Hello There.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you and give an update on Toms progress.

We got Tom early in 2015 and decided he was definitely more suited to the name Jack.

He very quickly settled in, and is the most loving,mischievous and comical dog we have ever known.

He gets on so well with our other dog Logan, they run and play so much in our garden, When she is not there Jack cries and looks for her.

He has adapted well to our caravan , and apart from his current motion sickness (which we are working on curing him of) he loves his adventures.

Once again a huge Thank You to David and  Royston Animal Welfare for bringing Jack into our lives and giving us the joy that him being in our lives brings.


Hi to all at RAW


We just wanted to update you on Wilf, who was known as Eric when we adopted him. It's roughly two years ago in April 2013 that this big hunk of love came into our lives.

 He looks like a scribble that a toddler has drawn with a black biro, he smells dreadful despite our best efforts to keep him smelling sweet, but we love him with all our hearts and can't imagine life without him. He has a big personality and a real sense of humour,  never more so than when he steals your shoe the minute you take it off,  not to chew it, just for the comedy effect! 

He loves his walks and is obsessed with ballplay and will let you know when he's had enough by lying down.

 He enjoys eating blackberries straight from the bush when in season and often goes for a dip in the canal or sea.

 He is the loveliest dog and we are forever grateful to RAW for rescuing him. 

Here's a couple of photos of him in the garden and with Daisy in the  background earlier this year. Thanks again. 

 Julie and Elly


Just wanted to update you on Millie who we adopted on the 17th March 2015.

She has settled in really well and loves our resident cat (not sure if he's as keen on her!) She has started to respond to her training and is a pleasure to take for a walk. 

She's quite mischievous and will chew anything except her toys! But we are loving sharing our home with her! She's a very playful girl and loves getting her nice white coat filthy!


The Crossley family x

Hi just wanted to update u in toffee we adopted in October . 
She is perfect and settled perfectly. She is my little shadow but wouldn't have it any other way.
 Laura X

Dexter looks like hes settled in well and loves his new friends.  Photo's from his new mum Liz

This is Holly who at last has come to live with us permanently, we collected her today from Robroyd.
She's settling in fine and now having a nap in her new bed. 
We're changing her name to Milly as our 19 year old son is called Oliver, shortened to Olly and we don't want them to fall out over the last bit of chicken !
The Harrison family

Hi David, 

Just a quick email to say Jake is settling in well - already been outside to do his business in the same spot with barely any prompting. 

And did a 'sit' and knows 'in your bed' - he's very smart and is such a sweetheart - seeks cuddles and fuss and so good natured. 

He also let us take a toy off him willingly. 

I think he's a very special boy - very energetic but a few good walks once his vaccination is done and ball games in the garden then will help him work off his excitement :)

Photos below of him playing with one of his toys. 

Thank you for helping us give a home to such a fab dog! 

Kate and Tom 

Update on our face book page today-
He's an absolute diamond - curled up on the sofa next to us right now and had an enjoyable day exploring the garden and playing with all his toys :)
 looking forward to lots of walks when his vaccinations are completed. 
He's the most affectionate, sweet natured dog and we feel like the luckiest people on the planet to have him.
 He's picking up training fast and was so well behaved overnight. 
Thank you to everyone at Royston Animal Welfare for saving his life xx Kate & Tom

 Here is some pictures of Zac sent by his new Mum Tina- think he's settled in well don't you???

Update from Tina-

Zac is still the best dog in the world !  He has a dog’s life of eating, playing, walking, sleeping, sighing….. 

We couldn’t have chosen a more suitable dog if we tried – he hates the rain like we do, loves the wind, loves running free, loves being warm and snuggly 

 (hello, you are supposed to be a Tuff Terrier, Mutt!), loves cleaning himself.  He has very good manners, can be truculent when he chooses (truculent teenager??), and goes out walking with other dogs every weekday. Hops in and out of the car boot like it’s his second home…….

 Yesterday he had his rabies jab so he can come to Limousin in rural France with us in May – his understanding of French is improving !

 Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, like we did when we fostered him over New Year. 

Yesterday a passer-by commented on how handsome and healthy he looks (he is, and he knows it!), and how he walks with a confident swagger…….


Thank you so much for letting us have Zac – fate brought us together.  

I’m so impressed with how thorough RAW is about choosing forever families for the animals in their care.  Now we know why we bought a 3-seater settee several years ago !


I’ll try to remember to send more photos – especially of us in France.


Tina, Rob and Zac


I thought that you might like an update on Becky aka Lucky. We re-homed her on 16th July 2014 and she settled in with her new friend Molly right from the start. We live in a rural area only about 30 minutes from great beaches so she spends a lot of her time on long walks either in the hills or chasing a ball on the beach. She never wanders off and is totally indifferent to sheep so she is able to be off the lead for the vast majority of the time she is out walking.
When we got her it was not known whether she had been neutered or not and the advice from our vet was to wait to see if she came into season. This she did in late October so we planned to have her neutered in the new year. Unfortunately on  New Years day she was badly bitten by 2 American Mastiffs and needed stitches above her front right leg and also had a puncture hole above her left rear leg. The owner and dogs have been reported to the police as I have never experienced an attack like this in 30 years of dog ownership.
Happily she had made a full recovery with no lasting physical or psychological damage. She is a very resilient dog. We felt that she deserved a break after that but did get her neutered yesterday 2nd February and once again she appears to have got over the operation very quickly and is almost back to her normal self. The only downside for her is that she mustn't exert her self for 10 days so no walks off the lead and tragedy for her, no toys.
She loves her toys and has murdered several rubber chickens, a pig, and is working hard on both a rubber cow and a squeaky duck.

In the evening she likes nothing better than climbing on my lap, falling asleep and snoring. I think that she is very happy.
The only downside is that I think she has previously been in a house where voices have been raised perhaps directed at her. If I am doing something and it goes wrong and I say oh dear or something similar! she looks worried and subdued so I have to turn to her and tell her that she is fine and the problem has nothing to do with her. A quick cuddle followed by a wag of tail seems to put matters right.
Everyone who meets her likes her and let us hope that after a bad start to 2015 she is set for a long and happy life.
I have enclosed some pictures of her with her friend Molly and the first with her showing enthusiasm just after we got back home on 16th July

Best Wishes

Doug Metcalf

 I bumped into Mungo and his family at the vets. Its 8 years since Hannah & her family adopted Mungo the puppy.
He is really looking well & he has a family that adore him!!!

 This is Jack who was very ill just before Christmas, but has now fully recovered. 
Tina & Rob kindly fostered him over the New Year, fell in love & have now adopted him .

While I was in the vets today I caught up with Tess who was adopted 7 years ago by Rachael & Richard.

Hi Janette,

my name is Rocky I was adopted by my new mum Donna and dad Kevin on Sunday 4th Jan 2015.

Please see attached photos, I have settled in very well and am going to love it here. I would like to thank all staff and volunteers that took care of me while I was at RAW.


My new mum and dad have said I will be back to visit you when they go on holiday in July.


All my love Rocky xx

Im snowys adopter il send more pics,here he is last night on settee with a bone.
Annette kenny


 Exactly 7 years ago we adopted these two amazing dogs from you.

They've always enjoyed travelling in the camper van in all weathers. 

In July this year they took their longest journey ever when we moved to Borneo to volunteer with the orangutan project and the sspca dog and cat rescue.

Pixie and frodo soon got used to the heat over there and here they are after cooling down in the South China Sea.

Thanks from these 2 cuties and me and Gav for the amazing work you do with the animals.

They have brought constant joy to our lives and are loved by all who meet them.

 Kind regards, Angie Whitehead 

Hello Janette

 Four years on and here is Watson. First day in his dog rucksack. He took to it so well and helps bring the shopping home (not overloaded, I assure you, but gives him a purpose to his walks).

 Still an absolute joy, best thing I have ever used the internet for was to see him on your website and make the effort to drive over to see him in person.

Thanks so much for all you did for him.

 Janet Attwood

 I thought I would send you a few pictures of James (formerly Eddie).
It is nearly 4 months since I adopted him from you. He has settled in nicely. He is very friendly and affectionate.
 He is a little nervous of people he does not know and noises from vacuum cleaner, telephone etc. and hides under the bedcovers, but is improving.
 I assume it is due to his background. He prefers it when it is quiet with just me and him in the house!
He has started going out but he will only go out when it is dark!
Thank you so much for all you do. Please pass my gratitude to Kathleen too for looking after him.
Sue Fairclough



Well time has certainly flown by.  I am struggling to remember the year in which we adopted Queenie, who's name we changed to Pebbles. 


She's still so strong, acts like a kitten still and is so settled into the cat routine, however she does still have dog tendencies.  

Gone is the timid but affectionate cat I adopted, replaced with a happy cat who loves having visitors so they can show her even more affection. 

So much so that she runs to the door if someone's here, to see who they are, just like a dog.  She's such a good nature that she's even turned a few people who hated cats, they can't get enough of her

 Thank you RAW for giving our Pebbles a second chance, she's certainly grateful!  Here are some fairly recent pictures


Ailsa & Pebbles (Queenie)

A year in Dec since Bramble became our baby. In May he went to the Lake District ,June Robin Hoods Bay,July Kirbymoorside,

Next week seaford near Eastbourne . He loves traveling and walking. My son takes him miles everyday . 

Can't believe its only ten months .Seems years since he came. His favourite place to be is in bed with us. 
Spoilt rotten by his grandmas too Haha. 

Thank you for saving him





As it's fast approaching 5 years since I adopted Dan (formerly Terry) from you I thought it's probably a good time to send you an update on him.


My partner and I are quite convinced that Dan is up there in being one of the best dogs ever...Yes this is quite a big claim but here's what he's achieved...he walked the entire breadth of both England and Scotland west coast to east coast...he's climbed the highest mountains in England, Scotland and well as Climbing the craggiest mountains on Skye in dire weather! he's completed a further 3 long distance national trails and is currently half way through walking all the 214 Wainwright fells..and never makes a single complaint. All this and he asks for very little, we have 3 dogs now and Dan is big bro to Sid our youngest dog, he's best friend to Meg our eldest dog, he's very protective of his home and the people in it, yet friendly to those who visit.


He comes to work with me sometimes as I am a self employed dog walker so he gets to make new friends and protect his 'mum' at the same time as we're out and about.


He's a truly fantastic dog, hard to imagine how he ever ended up in the pound..But we're so grateful to you guys at RAW for giving him a chance...he's never looked back !

Pictures of Crumble (now Annie) on a walk and in her new home.

Hello Janette,

Here are those photos of Charlie.  (formerly Dennis).

We found a huge lump on the back of his head which is under investigation, we should know the results today or Monday. 

We are crossing everything that its a cist.

He's so loving, follows all of us all over.  When I'm in he never leaves my side....he's a dream lol

Hope to see him on your web site soon as a complete success story :-)

Take care, Paula 


Hi there  

Ben has settled in lovely with us all and him and Murphy our other rescue dog are getting on great. As you can see from the photos they are having lots of fun running around together. 

Ben only came to us at Easter but it is like he has been living here for years, he is a great hit with everyone who meets him as he is such a character. 

Ben is the most friendly dog with other pooches it takes us ages to walk down the beach as he has to say hello to all the others dogs and enjoys swimming in the sea. 

Him and Murphy both love car trips which is good as we are able to take them on lots of days out and holidays which they love.

Thank you to all of you at the rescue for all your hard work and commitment, without all your efforts dogs like Ben and Murphy would not have such a good future.

Steve & Sarah  

Hi its the Moffatt family who adopted Bonnie the little staffie.

Just to let u know she has settled in nicely.she has been spayed today so is a little tired but other than that it went well and we hope she is back to her fussy self quickly,again.

Can u thank David and everyone else involved in your charity for doing a fantastic job and if u can keep us informed of any up and coming events we would like to attend to show you how she is doing

Many Thanks 

Mark,Barbra,Adam and Ben


Hi Sharon,

Here are a few of our many MANY photos of Ben.  As you can see, he gets everywhere, sleeps everywhere, and even helps Daniel with his homework (when he's not trying to eat the homework, pen etc).

He's great fun, very energetic, a champion jumper and we think he's the best cat ever! We are so glad you let him come to us.

Thanks again for letting Ben come to us - keep up the fabulous work you all do at RAW.


Julie, Daniel and Ben XXX



Attached are two photos of former RAW dog Maisie.

Doing well and enjoying life in Goldthorpe. Photo's taken this morning. She's great and were both happy.


Take care and regards to Joanne and the rest of the team.



Well, it’s taken me quite a while to get round to this hasn’t it!


I can hardly believe that Tig has been with us for a year now (9th May) He has settled into his new life really well, enjoys going to the caravan every weekend and loves swimming.

 When at home his main hobbies are eating, sleeping on Ken’s lap,  pinching socks and being groomed.

He likes sitting on the chair in the porch (photo) so he can look through the window and watch for passers by and

cats which then gives him an excuse to indulge in his favourite activity, running around barking!

Jean. x

Just to let everyone at RAW know that AURORA has settled in and is going outside and fully up to mischief ! 

Many thanks from Steve and Marie.

Hi - I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Ruby is settling in very well. It may only be a little over a week but it feels like she has always been here.

She gets on very well with our other dog, Dinky (Yorkshire Terrier), they are now firm friends, even to the extent that Ruby sometimes rests her feet on Dinky when they sleep!

She is walking a lot better on the lead now and is really enjoying her walks and time at our allotment, she really doesn't like younger children and barks at them even if they aren't close by.

 We expect as she becomes more socialised on her walks her reactions will become calmer. The lesions on her feet are healed, her fitness is up (a little!) and she is just coming into season. 

We will arrange to have her spayed after this season is finished.


She is definitely a key member of the family, my son Gabriel (he's 15) says she "looks at him with those eyes, and rolls over to show him her tummy" and he has to stop and stroke her and that's why is late for things

 (school, dinner, answering the phone)...that's his story and he's sticking to it! My daughter even claims that Ruby likes her jokes (which is unlikely as no one else does!)

 Ruby has her favourite spots around the house and in particular loves to sleep under my desk whilst I'm working. 

The only thing is she snores so loudly, sometimes she can be heard on my calls - it makes me smile, its so cute. 

There is one snore that she does in particular - just one big loud one every now and again...Tim, my husband, refers to it as Ruby's "sonic boom", it makes us all laugh so much.

  If there is anything she doesn't want to do (like go out in the rain or get off the furniture) she just rolls over and show her tummy - charm and disarm tactics...and we're all suckers for it  :-)


Please do feel free to pass this update across to the lady at the kennels (is it Dawn?) - I did promise an update.


Attached are a few pictures (we're struggling to get her to pose but you get the idea)


Best wishes and thanks for bringing Ruby into our lives!


Louise Thorpe

Bramble is settling down really well. Now runs off the lead in the fields.
He went to Goathland in a cottage last week for a couple of nights and played on the beach at Sandsend and Filey with other dogs.
We love him loads. Still a way to go with pulling . Early days though. Thankyou for rescuing him .

The Hall family x

We adopted Oscar December 2012. 
Here he his with his new friend Luna (our friend's puppy) out on a very muddy long walk! He loves every minute roaming the countryside.

Hi Everyone
 It is 1 year today since we got Holly from you, was the best thing we ever did she is simply the best dog ever!! here is just a few photos. Lee   xx

Angel and Ebony chilling out.

Just for the lovely people at RAW, the new sisters are making friends.
The Richardson Family.

Griff making himself comfortable! He is doing really well and settled in happily to his new home x Janet

This is Barney that my sister adopted he has settled in great.

She got him at the beginning of January, very much loved and wouldn't be without him now.


Here's Dan my RAW dog who I adopted 4 years ago..he's now an awesome fell walker/mountain climber/ swimmer
and if there was a prize for the perfect dive into a reservoir he would win it for sure! We recently added a 3rd rescue dog to our family and Dan is a very happy boy!

 Fudge seems to have settled in to his new home in England!!!

 Fudge is settled in really well especially in front of the wood burner,
I think we have found another GEM of dog from you guys.
Regards Rob, Niamh,Aoife.Fudge x





 Dalton & Kerry like nothing better than a wrestling match !!!!

My name is Meg and I was adopted from your kennels in June this year by a family in Rotherham.

 I live in a warm comfortable home with two people who love me very much and I love them.I am going to live here for the rest of my life.

A merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.


Lots of love

Meg XXX.

Hi Joanne


Three years on and still love my boy.

Here he is with Luna, one of our other foundlings. We currently have three cats and Watson is great with them all.


Janet Attwood




We thought we’d write and give an update on Wilfy. He’s been with us around 6 months now and we really can’t imagine our family without him.

As you can see from the photos he’s having  fun. Most of the photos are from our recent holiday to Northumberland. He was a real sea creature.

 He was very good apart from one occasion when he ran over a mountain of sand dunes into a field of big black cows.

We were beside ourselves but by the time we scaled the dunes he was there waiting to be rescued.

 We adore him and so does our other dog Daisy (grumpy old Scruffy isn’t quite so sure because Wilfy takes up so much room on his sofa!).

 Thank you RAW for giving us our big monster.  


Julie and Elly



Hi Joanne,


Hope all is well at RAW, thought I'd send you an update on Dan seen as we've not been in touch for a while. 

 Dan's been busy as always, in April of this year we did the Coast to Coast walk from the west coast of England across to the East over 12 days,

 I've attached a photo of him at the end enjoying a well earned ice cream.. 

then in July we travelled up to the Isle of Skye and Outer Hebrides to climb their highest mountains, 

there's a photo attached of him on the beach on the Outer Hebrides the day we arrived.. beautiful place!

 We're currently peak bagging in the Lake District intending to walk all 214 of the Wainwright fells.. 42 done so far...he's going to be a busy boy! 

All the best



Hi Jan,


I took this photo today.  He has now attained 3,000 points but we have not received the certificate yet.


I hope the Gala was a success.  Our demo. went OK.  I thought about you but could not let them down, we were 'short staffed' as it was.


Love Tony XX


Hi Jan,


This is the update I promised!  We came first in our division last Saturday. 

We won every 'leg' and Sid ran every race in that heat.  He gained over 400 points. 

 Next competition which will be next week at Pontefract, he should gain his 3000 point certificate if all goes well. 

 You never can tell!!  The photos were taken while training at Askern. 


Love Tony & Sid XX

From our Twitter account:-
Jessica Steele @bijouxtwentytwo 11 Feb

@rescueRAW If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have Suzie, she's such a good dog! Thank you #adoptdontbuy


Hi folks!

Just a quick update on Kobi and some photos for the rehomed archive....

Its been 14 months since we adopted Kobi from you and he's doing brilliantly.

We've been down the tracks on the "chew chew" train a few times but he never chewed anything major,

just silly things like pens and he would shred my newspapers and magazines but he was only very young so that's all behind us now :) and he's maturing beautifully.

He's growing into a strapping young man but he's not as big as everyone thought he would be.

Saying that, he is only 17 months old so maybe still got some growing left to do!

 He's a great big softy-I don't think I've ever known a dog as affectionate. He's fantastic with the kids and ever so gentle.

Wherever the kids go you can be sure that he's never far behind them and even likes to get on the trampoline with them!

All our friends and family love him and there's never a dull moment with him as he's so funny-he's certainly a character! He's a big baby and cant imagine life without him.

Leanne, Kieran and Kids x



Such a handsome young man!


Here's Dalton taking time out in the shade with his favourite football, which no one is getting hold of lol xx






Hi Janette


This is Woody who we adopted in January; these photos are of his first holiday away at St Bees in Cumbria.

At home he has settled in really well and as you can see from the photos he loves the seaside and swimming!!

Woody's quote: 'I love my new Mummy and Daddy and new home I get plenty of long walks in the parks 

and I also love chasing my ball, they do spoil me though sometimes I can be mischievous, but that's only because I have missed them during the day!'

 Love Woody xxx




Hi, Just thought we would send some pictures of Emily (we never changed her name).
 She is now a big part of our family.
Thanks The Bennetts



Hi Julie
Hope you are well,  I thought you might like an update of Sidney.
It has been 5 months now and he is the happiest ,most content cat.

He follows me everywhere and is full of fun and mischief, his latest trick is to find (and open !!) a whiskas pouch and eat the contents . 

He constantly chirrups, yowls  and talks back when I talk to him .
He spends his days in the field at the back of my house and he frequently brings home breakfast when I have finished nights!

He isnt allowed out at night but he is quite content on his chosen seat and cushion on the sofa ,he did spend every night on my bed but as his confidence has grown ,he often stays downstairs but a some point through the night he will curl up next too me.
He has a great appetite and loves to be groomed ,has lots of toys but prefers to chase and nibble my ankles or jump out on me.

He follows me everywhere around the house ,watching what I do and I've had to accept I can't close any door on him as a paw will appear around the door or he will protest until I let him in, no more quiet baths and showers for me without him sat perched on the toilet watching.   I cant imagine him not been part of the family. He is one fantastic little character.
Thanks again for introducing us and I wish I could offer a home to another rescue/rehome cat but I'm not sure how that would go down with Sidney.
Hope you like the photo's Emoji


Hi Janette.
Just wanted to let you know how Woodley is getting along.
We've had him since February and can't imagine life without him now.... he's a lovely dog with some really funny quirks.
He loves to go to bed and get under the covers.
When I leave for work in the mornings, he sneaks up to the bedroom and gets under the quilt, where he stays until I return at lunchtime!
He loves car journeys, especially to our site caravan in Mablethorpe.
There he gets to run on the beach and paddle in the sea most weekends.
He's a constant companion to my eldest granddaughter Jordan and the two are inseparable (see photo).
 He loves my other two grandchildren as well and his tail nearly wags off when they come to visit !
Here's a few photos for your archive


Lesley Hallsworth


Think Rocky has settled in with his new family don't you!!



This Is Ben he was adopted to Rebecca in Barnsley in 2005 and has lots of other rabbits to play with.


Hi there,

just thought we'd send a photo to show how Luca is settling in. He has settle exceptionally well and is now part of the family
Thank you for helping us get a lovely dog.

Bailey Family

Hi Jan,


I received these photos of Sid doing agility the other day and thought you might like to see them.  

The one of him looking sedate is NOT typical but I really like it!  He is usually much more enthusiastic ears flying etc.


We have flyball competitions every weekend for a while.  He is doing very well.    I am really hoping I can show him in agility this year.


Love Tony XX


 Hi Joanne

 Rosie is doing very well, she has been walking off the lead for 2 months when away from roads and will come when called. 

She is still a bit nervous at times but is gaining confidence rapidly.

 I have attached some photos of her running in the snow and on the canal tow path. I hope to get a lot more once the weather warms up a bit.

 We think that once the warmer weather gets here and she can spend more time the garden with the house door open she will become a lot more confident.

 We are hoping that having her spayed will also help to settle her as when she was in season she was really feeling sorry for herself. 


Hope to hear from you soon.

 Lynne & David




Hope you’re not snowed up/in and the mutts not feeling too cold !


Well you’ve guessed it – more pictures – this time REAL SNOW for Dotty !

These pictures were taken just a few yards from our house,

we walk out of the garden gate and there we are – wide open spaces.



Dotty is beside herself with excitement, doesn’t know what to do with all this wonderful, soft white stuff

– she hurtles about, clambering here and there and is determined, regardless the depth of snow,

to ‘scale’ the hillside even if it means getting engulfed in snow so thick it’s like clotted cream !!  

It seems she has a penchant for eating the snow that is, when she’s standing still, which is very rare

(too much to do – so little time !)  Chacun à son goût, so they say !!

Hope all’s well and everyone’s safe.






Hi Jan,


I thought you might like to see a photo I took on 17th Jan - Sid in the snow. 


We took part in the flyball competition as expected on 19th Jan.  With Sid in the team (open competition not starters) we came second. 

We were thrilled with him.  He was so focussed it was fantastic.  I hope he keeps it up.  We have regular competitions from now on. 

His agility shows signs of being good too if he ever really focuses on that.  The last time I went to agility training I was asked if I would like to be in a team. 

 I had to turn it down for now, he is not ready, but it is a possibility in the future. I hope my legs keep going for a bit longer!!  I was 79 on 11th Jan.


I hope all is well with you.


Love from Tony XX


Hi, just want you to know that Chris (now known as Ozzy) has really settled in with us both at home and up at the farm. 

 He's really loving and playful and has made us very happy.  He is a hard working farm dog by day and a monster by night, but we love him very much.



Dalton is not impressed with his new collar.
Snoozing on his favourite rug!!
Dalton is settling in well in his new home!!!


Hello Janette:

Dotty’s (Christmas) ‘festive’ pictures plus, an extra thrown-in for Halloween – do we know how to celebrate these occasions !


Dotty is just a darling, we can’t believe this is only her second Christmas with us !

This time, I told her on Christmas morning that I thought she’d had a long enough trial with us and that she could stay,

whereupon she immediately demolished the proffered chewie, made papier mâché out of scrunched-up Christmas wrapping paper and then,

 gave Rosie a ‘festive’ thump by way of celebration !!!!!  All’s as it should be in this happy household, you could say !


From Patricia & George.


Hi, its Cody the german shepherd. Just over a year ago i was given a home from your fantastic rehoming centre.

just thought i'd send you some photos from over the last year and let you know i've settled in so well with my new family.

 My two brothers spike and leon are the best, we go everywhere together (my favourite place being the woods).

 Ive also been climbing in the peak district and went on a steam train which was really exciting. Anyway i gotta go now, my bed is calling me, thank you once again

cody xx

Hi Joanne


Attached is a photo of Watson (Patch as was) taken recently.

 It’s 2 years since we adopted him and he is still great! Great fun, a real sweet heart and such a lovely nature.

 He has lots of dog friends now, they come to visit and he gets on really well with them all.

 Best thing I ever did. Can’t thank you enough for letting me take him home.

 Janet Attwood


As promised I've attached some photos of Noah.  He's seems to have settled really well.  

He loves running around outside chasing everything in sight especially leaves blowing in the wind. 

 When enjoying a cuddle he sits cradled like a baby on my knee, having his tummy rubbed and producing the loudest purr we've ever heard 

whilst lapping up the attention.  

He is an adorable although exceedingly energetic young cat who is loved to bits.  Thank you for letting him come to stay with us.
All the best

Dear Janette,

 We adopted Joe in May time this year so I thought it was about time to send you a little update. 

We changed Joes name to Blue which he got used to very quickly, and he settled into our home well. 

Being a typical Kerry Blue however we have had a few issues with his behaviour towards other dogs

 but this seems to be improving (slowly!!)as we try and get him used to socialising.

 We had a visit from Janice which helped initially to gain the upper hand on him and show him he wasn't allowed to rule the roost 

and now we take him to training classes at Notton (he’s just moved up a class!) which is making a big difference. 

He now has the hang of sit, down, stay, roll-over (not strictly a class command) paw, wait, and his send away and recall are pretty much there as well.

I have attached a couple of pictures, he really enjoys the walks around Penistone, 2 or 3 minutes and you are out in the fields which he really enjoys. 

He also loves going for walks with a friend of ours dogs now he is used to them which we try and do as often as possible.

 Hopefully he will carry on getting more tolerant of other dogs, 

the new dog class brings new challenges but it will keep him from getting bored of it and it is a great feeling when he gets it right.


John + Vicky

Hi Joanne,


Thought I'd let you have an update on Dan, seen as it's been a while since we got in touch..

He's had a busy year, as we've done a couple of long distance walks. In May we spent a week walking Scotland's West Highland Way and on the last day we also climbed Ben Nevis, I've attached a photo of him wandering through the snow at the summit of Ben Nevis, hard to believe we climbed it in blistering heat of 27 degrees yet it was thick with snow at the summit..Dan wasn't phased of course! 

We then walked The Dales Way over a week in July, which took us from Leeds to Lake Windermere (few pics attached). Dan enjoys being the hero and rescuing rocks from the river, presumably to save them from drowning..! 

Next week we are off again, walking The Cleveland Way... Dan's in his element when he's out walking and I can't thank RAW enough for giving him a second chance! 

Planning on taking him on The Coast to Coast next year..

Keep up the good work!

All the best



Hello Janette/Joanne,

Just emailing to give you an update on Buster, We adopted Buster just over a year ago now on July 31st 2011, and he has settled in extremely well.

Buster loves going for walks, but he also likes lounging around in the sun!

Buster's favourite game is tug of war, he plays it with all of his toys!


Attached are a few photographs from the past year since adopting Buster.


From Catherine, Caitlin and Buster the dog 

Hi Everyone

Polly has settled in really well with us - seems like she has been here forever!

Attached are a few pics for your archive.


Su and Mark and Polly x x



                  As promised I have sent you some photos of Brooke out on some of her walks and with her pal Bella. 
She looks to be having a great time running in the field

beau as settled in great she's not a minutes trouble very friendly and well behaved she's always the centre of attention where ever we go she loves been out specially with her football which didn't last long but she still carries it to the park and back i would like to thank u for your help bringing us together she's a friend for life 


We adopted Isaac (the black collie cross) 3 years ago now and he is such a beautiful dog.  We recently adopted another little dog to give Isaac a friend.  Isaac was called Billy when he was with you.  I have attached some pictures so you can see what a happy gorgeous dog he is.




Gerry being lazy after a long walk

At his favourite walking spot with his chew bone

Posing in the sun

Having a rest at the pub! 'Mine's a pint of water & a dog chew!'

Dog tired after all that exploring!

Hi Janette / Joanne, 
Just wanted to give you an update on Gerry.

He has settled in amazingly well. He is such a loving dog & he puts a smile on everyone's face,

 especially when he decides to crawl along the floor on his belly!

He has been on a few trips in the car & he loves it so much that every time a car door opens he jumps straight in 

& sits expectantly on the back seat wondering where his next adventure will take him!

Thought you might like to see some photos & I've taken plenty!


Just to thankyou for helping me to find the most wonderfull dog. He's only
 been home for three hours and it's like he has lived here for years. We have
 had a nice little walk and a good time exploring the garden and next doors
 too!! He's already the star of the street. At the moment he is laid next to
 me snoring his head off while i watch the footie. Once again thankyou ever
 so much.

Dave Sykes & Billy

 Hi Julie
Its taken a while, but I've attache 1st pic of Chloe. Actually not looking away! 
Chloe has claimed my bed now, 
and can usually be found sprawled across it! Its great :-) 

Will send more pics x

Here's Sid one of our very own little doggy Olympic athletes! 

This was taken last Saturday.  Sid was practicing for the first time with dogs in the next lane.  

He is in the starter team at Epworth 16th or 17th June, fingers crossed he does it! 

 You can see he is moving!!

 love Tony

Hi Janette/Joanne,

Just a quick update on Kobi and some pics for the rehomed archive...

Kobi has settled in amazingly well and is a very much loved part of the family.

Hes such a character and we never stop laughing at him. He's incredibly cheeky but very intelligent.

He is fully house trained, responds well to commands, walks like a dream on the lead and is equally good off the lead.

He gets on very well with our 2 Lhasa Apsos (considering the size difference, hes more than double their size and he's only 17 weeks old!) but they are the best of friends!

Hes fantastic with the kids, follows them all over and plays lovely with them.

Everyone comments on how grand he is and how friendly and well behaved he is.

He's a big softy with a big heart.

He's good with other dogs, a bit giddy at first but all he wants to do is play. 

He's been socialised regularly with 3 lhasa apsos, a staff x lab, a jack russell and we see a few dogs on our daily walks who he is getting to know.

 He also loves to sunbathe and has his own special spot in the garden where he likes to lay and soak up some rays! (see attached photo) 

Thank you ever so much for letting us adopt Kobi, he really is a smashing lad and we wouldnt be without him!

Leanne, Kieran and kids x

Day at the seaside
Kisses for Joseph
Puppy dog eyes
fire guard
Asleep with Megan

Hi Janette,

 We recently adopted Jack (Formally Nipper) from your rescue centre.

As you can see from the photos he is much loved and cared for by us all.

 Keep up the good work that you all do so well.


Kindest regards,

 Joanne Neville

Just to pass on news of my cat Tippy,adopted from RAW in January 2006.  
He had not had a good early life, and I was told to be a bit careful of him as he might scratch and bite through fear of humans, 
as he had been abused by a previous owner or owners.  
He did in fact have to have a serious operation 18 months later because of digestive problems - I suspect he had been half-starved as well as physically abused.  
However, since then, six years on, there have been no bites, no scratches, just a soppy, lovely cat who dotes on me and my partner and is ageing gracefully.  
 Have attached a photo taken a few years ago - typical pose, and just look at those beautiful eyes!  He looks a bit older now, but the eyes are as alert as ever.
Many thanks,

Pam Sykes

Hi Janette.


Just a quick update and a few photos of Max, who we adopted from you almost three years ago. 

He's doing really well, eats well and gets lots of exercise. He's no longer boisterous and dominant, and has a lovely temperament with people and other animals, 

with the exception of squirrels! He's still a little bit wary of older men, particularly those with beards, but it is not a problem. 


You folk do a fantastic job. Thank you very much for all you do for these animals, and special thanks for giving us the chance to rescue Max. He's brilliant!

Bryn, Rachel and Emily Spawton

Hi Joanne
Just a quick update on Charlie who has settled in very nicely. 
He is a really well behaved little chap, who gets very giddy 1st thing on a morning when you get up 
and also if he's been left in his run, even if we have only been out for 15 min's !!
 He is responding well to commands, and will sit and stay most of the time. 
He loves to play in the garden, and has found balls that we didn't know that we had !!! 
He has a liking for shoes if he is left downstairs with the doors between rooms open, he usually gathers them in the lounge in a big pile !! 
He's not too good just yet with travelling in the car without been ill, but he is improving as we increase the distances slowly,
 however he jumps into the back of the car without hesitation ???
He's already been in the caravan when I brought it home from the storage yard to give it a wash and vac out,
 and he took and instant like to sitting in the car spare wheel inside the caravan - see two attached images, 
one is in the caravan the other was on Sat afternoon when I had taken the caravan over to Bawtry for service and I left the spare wheel in the car boot, 
Charlie jumped into the back of the car and curled up in the centre of the spare wheel !!


We have just returned from the trip to Scotland, 

it appears as though Charlie's travel sickness is now cured after over 1000 miles with the caravan behind us 

and a few hundred miles of travelling around and seeing the sights of Skye and around Bute without any problems. 

Whilst we were away we took Charlie to a small beach where he started to tidy up the seaweed on the shore, 

it was so amusing we took a short video, see attached You Tube link.


Best wishes

Chris, Alison & Charlie

Hi Joanne,

Thought I would just update you on Teddy. He is settling in well. He is a real little cutie! 

Bella and him seem to be getting on well, Bella is enjoying playing with him, but will let him know when he has gone too far! 

He does seem quite puppy like in a lot of his behaviours, I guess he has never really had any sort of training or learning experiences bless him!

 He is getting used to his name and will sometimes come when called in the house!He is doing well with "sit"(when he can stop his bottom wiggling with excitement for long enough!)

 He is quite "nippy" when over excited so we are working on this too.

He has had lots of fun this week out exploring the woods, walking round the dyke and playing in the park.

Thanks for all your help and for little Teddy!


Hi Joanne

 It's been a few weeks now since we re-homed Belle from RAW so I thought I'd drop you an email to let you know how she's getting on.

 She's settled in brilliantly and made herself at home from day one. 

Our kids love her and she enjoys running around with them and having fun. 

She's very friendly and loves meeting new people.

 Belle will be starting obedience classes soon and then hopefully she can move onto agility training

 which will be good for her because she has boundless energy - that'll be the collie in her!!

 We absolutely adore having her in our lives and she is a much loved member of the family.

 Keep up the good work at RAW.

Sarah, Ian and family x

Willow seems to have settled in with Margaret & Keith.

Hi Janette


Just a quick update, We've had Duke nearly a year now (30th of March) so we though we'd tell you how he's doing. 

Duke is doing extraordinarily well, we've rescued another two Dogs who he has fallen in love with. 

We have another Cavalier Breeze and a Jack Russel called Scamp, Duke wont go anywhere without them. 

As you can see from the photos hes been on his very first holiday to Flamborough and he loved it. 

Except he doesn't like the rain. 

We're just so grateful that we were lucky enough to adopt him and we wanted to thank you again for such a loving and adorable little boy. 

 Again Thank You, he is just such a character and has made a big impact on our family.


Gail and Family.

Hi James,
Mum and dads internet's down at the moment, so I thought I'd email you some photos of Rocky that I've taken. 
He's been meeting lots of new people and playing with some new toys (most of which have been totally destroyed, but I think we're onto a winner with the nylabone).
Hope you and the dogs are well,
all the best,




This is the latest photo of Sid.  He was still for a few seconds as he was having a breather. 

 He had been chasing that ball and tossing it about like lightening. 

 I had been trying to video him on my camera, but he is so fast the result is a lot of grass and a seasick feeling!!! 

 I will have another go and try to edit it, he is amazing to watch.

Love Tony                                  


If you use this link you will be able to see a rather hit and miss video of Sid playing with his ball!!


 We adopted Scooby two weeks ago and I said I would forward some photo's.

He is an adorable member of the family and we can't imagine life without him. 

He has settled brilliantly both in the home and on his outdoor activities. 

He is sociable, friendly, loyal and very loving. He travels well in the car and sleeps on our bed.

We couldn't have wished for a better pet. Thanks for letting us adopt him!

x Sue Carne

Hi Joanne and everyone there ,

Hope u all ok.I love my new house and my bigger garden and I enjoy my walks ,

but the best thing is when I get home i can go to sleep in my chair.

 Whoops I mean dans chair- but I like to sit on his knee with him . 

Hope u like my pics -  I will send some more new ones soon 

xxThanks for letting Apollo come and live with us Nic,Dan,Kids xxxx

Well, ladies - this is the BIG one - 2012 - OLYMPIC YEAR !

 Dotty has decided that she'd like to enter for the "K9 Rhythmic Gymnastics" (as there's a ball involved - makes sense !)

She's chosen 4 disciplines:

1)  The ball (of course.)

2)  The rope and ball (showing-off her paw dexterity whilst displaying her 'trim' physique !)

3)  Tug of War, which she and her sister Rosie have been training for 

(although for training purposes it's been difficult to score as they are, effectively, both on the same side but opposite each other, if you see what I mean !)

4)  Finally, the last one of the set being "The Kissathon" (bosom pals after all the tussles !)

Hope you'll find something for your Photo Archive


Hi Joanne


Just to let you know Sox has settled in really well and she is a pleasure to look after as you can see from the pictures.
The first pictures shows Sox with her new companion, a Jack Russell, not to be confused with a cuddly toy!

Max & Diesil with Nush & Koda
Hi Joanne, 
Max settled in straight away. He and Diesel got on a treat, and as you can see from the photo's they are inseparable. She is just like a mother too
him and puts him in his place if he steps out of line. We have now started to socialize Max as often as other dog owners allow us too. The screaming and lunging
at other dogs is tons better, its not aggression its just overboard excitement to go meet the other dog and play. The jumping up at the work top and pinching
food stopped after about a month. Max is a very good well behaved dog and we all love him lots, he has his own personality and is such a character to watch.
Speak Soon. Julie

Hi Julie,

Just thought you might be interested in a photo of Lucy as she is now,pampered and loved to bits.
She is such a character.  She brings me the occasional 'prize' which always upsets me but,
 unfortunately that is all part of having a cat. 
She hasn't gone missing again, once is enough.  We were distraught.

Hope you are well.

Best wishes.


Oscar settling in nicely now still has this mad idea that he is the boss for some reason ?
 Good on his lead but still a work in progress on his recall. Makes our house feel like home again now though and would not be without him !!!!!
 Everyone comments what a bonnie boy he is, hope you like his latest photos.

 This is a picture of Monika  with her owner Alison.
Alison adopted Monika in 2004 & ran the London Marathon in 2006 after intensive training with Monika!!!

Monika sadly passed away after a short illness just after Christmas.

This is Claude -what a stunning picture!!!!
He now lives with Darren, Nikki & Hayden & is enjoying being spoilt rotten!!

Pictures of Billy in his new home with his new family

In his new bed

In his new place for his new bed with the boys!

And his final resting place, mum and dads bed!!

Carole Quinney has emailed:-

Hi, I just wanted to send you some photo's of Bill (Jack Russell) who was adopted about 18 months ago.

He has settled in great,he's lovely & a very friendly dog.

As you can see from the photo's Bill has made a friend, Sam who he goes walking with. 

They get on really well together. Bill never leaves his owners side, always at his feet.


thanks again

Lil Rocky (now Dexter) happy in his new home with his new family!

Hi Joanne,

 With apologies for the delay, here's a couple of pictures of Defor (now re-named Sweep) in his favourite position, sprawled out, relaxing on the settee.

He settled in great, and as you can see, it didn't take him long to make himself at home!


Sean, Lisa, Toby & Sweep.

Hi Joanne,

 We just wanted to let you and everyone at RAW know how the lovely Ben is doing!

 We were very cautious at first given his background but were pleasantly surprised to find that he wasn’t nearly half as challenging as we were expecting him to be. He’s settled into our family perfectly – everyone loves him to pieces!

 Ben provides hours of entertainment for us all with his cheeky little ways – we've nick named him hoover because as soon as we drop anything he’s straight in there to pick it up!He loves playing with us and him numerous toys but gets most excited about walking. 

He goes on walks for at least 6 miles or more a day and is quite happy! He's the perfect dog for us and we're so thankful that we have found Ben.

 We’re really excited about our first Christmas with him! 

We’ll keep sending you updates on how he’s doing but so far so good!!

 From the O'Brien family

 PS – We've attached some pictures so you can see how handsome the little guy is! 

Ruby (previously Stella) has settled in brilliantly :)

 It seems like she has always been here she seems very comfortable in her new home and has a lovely temprement she is very gentle and loving and adores affection. 

We let her off the lead for the first time on Saturday (after 5 weeks of her getting used to us) and she was great; 

she came back when called, which we practised a number of times and loved exploring the woods that we took her to. 

We are going to build this in gradually as we took her to a very quiet location and are unsure how she would have responded to a busier environment. 

Everyone who has met her thinks that she is just lovely as we do too so thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Laura and Wayne 

Merry Christmas Everyone - love from Max & Diesel xx

Harvey has settled in brilliantly, I can't remember life before we had

him. He is so loving,happy and playful.

He has completed our family. Now I can't wait for Christmas, he already

has more presents than the kids!

I've attached a few photos of his summer holiday in Skeggy (which he

really enjoyed) and some of him lazing at home.

Rocky; making himself useful in his new home doing a spot of baby sitting!

Good afternoon Janette

 I wanted to just let you know how well Robyn (Bobkins her alternative name given by my nieces) is getting on after my adoption earlier this year April In think.

 She came to me from RAW and her temporary home with Noahs Ark and she has become a wonderful friend and companion.

 Her initial toilet training issues did take a long time to resolve but we are 95% there, 

just leaving me the occasional piddlywee if I go out shopping, however she makes up for that with her loving companionship. 

 She is very friendly with other dogs when we are out walking down the fields which I endevour to do every day,

 she loves playing in the river and getting covered in mud! We manage to run the sticky stuff before we get home lol.

 I've been baking Xmas cakes the last week and guess who enjoyed cleaning the basins.....

 Please find attached some pictures of the little mischief for you to use on your follow up page if you fancy 

 Regards Jan and Robyn (Bobkins)

This is Oscar happily settled in with his new owners. 
He does not seem to mind his his very short back and sides haircut, in fact he look quite pleased with himself to me!

Hi Joanne

It’s been just a few days since our first anniversary with Watson (Patch).

I know you will be pleased to hear that we have absolutely loved our time (so far) with Watson.

 He is a great addition to our family and I can say I love him more every day.

 He came to us as an unknown quantity, in that his true personality was not really apparent whilst in kennels.

 He has since shown himself to be loyal and loving. 

I walk a minimum of 2 hours every day with him and go everywhere and anywhere, knowing I am safe and sound with Watson beside me.

 As a result of all the walking I have lost 3 stones in weight and feel much better for it. I think Watson has shed a few pounds too. 

Thought I would show you Watson on his orthopedic bed! He loves it.

Owning Mickey has transformed our lives. He is the kindest, most cheerful fun-loving little critter you can imagine.

 He loves his life, whether it's chasing tennis balls over hill and dale, diving headfirst into the canal, having snuggles or enjoying playtime every evening. 

He can even play football like Ryan Giggs! 

It would take a page to list all his qualities - he's always smiling, affectionate, playful, intelligent, cat friendly and just a joy to behold. 

We love spending all our time with him and honestly believe he was meant to walk into our lives. We cannot imagine life without him.

Thought it was about time I put on some pictures of Ash who came to stay with us in May.
L to R Ash (AKA Tinny Ribs) Lily & Rosie all trying to make the most of the sun on the decking at the caravan.

Ash is at the front, Lily at the back.
They are like a pair of bookends!!!
Everyone thinks they are related & we've even had people asking what sort of dog they are?

All relaxing in the sun after a hard morning dashing about on the beach!!!

Eddie has settled in very well to London life [probably too well! ;o) ] 

I expected him to take a while to settle in to the completely different city environment but he adapted very quickly and with very little effort on my part.

He's a friendly, happy spritely little chap and I couldn't imagine life without him.  

I can't thank all of you at Royston Animal Welfare enough for allowing me to adopt a second dog from you.. 

Special thanks to you Joanne for all your help & kindness.

Sorry I've been meaning to send you this photo of Bess.
She's settled in so well, you'd have thought she'd always been with us.  
She loves being around the kids and playing with her toys.  Thanks to you all.

This is Rocky relaxing on his new 'bed'! 

Hi Joanne

Just a couple of shots to show how Ronnie has settled in! He is fab, never a dull moment when we are out walking and then,

he sleeps like a baby when we get home.
Kind  Regards

Chris and Jayne

Mazy, formerly Katie, has settled in superbly well.
She was very quiet & timid at first but has now found both her confidence & voice.
She's definitely trying to run the house hold!!
She's extremely sweet, cheeky, very affectionate, loves company, loves walks &
is an absolute pleasure to have!
She has made the household & family complete.

This is Kev, now Buzzby with his new mum, chilling in his new home.
 Kev had been a stray on the streets for two weeks before the dog warden could catch him. 
A few words from Buzzby:


Just wanted to let you know I am feeling very settled in my new home.

I have been here three weeks and there's been all sorts going on.

 I had my vaccinations and a haircut - looking very smart now - apparently I am going back to the vets again next week - I can't imagine what that's for.

I also had a visit from Janice the dog trainer. She was quite strict with me but Sarah and I have been trying the things she taught us and

 I have to say I am quite smart and have learned how to sit and stay and walk to heel.

Life's pretty good for me now.

Thanks for everything

Love from Buzzby  (aka Kev)

This is Clive, enjoying a day at the seaside with his new family.
 Clive was a stray but he is not looking back now
and has settled in really well to his new home, 'its like he has always lived here'.

Simba has happily settled into his new home, he is a little camera shy and kept turning away when he had his picture taken
 but I think you can see he looks happy in his new big garden

Salem now Merlin, very happy and comfortable in his new home.

Please find photo of Theo as requested.
He's settled down really well as you can see. He had a bath this morning so he smells lovely now. 
 Just lolling around on the floor waiting for his next walk :)
Thank you for everything.
Diane, Richard, Hannah and Emily x

Dear Janette,

             Here are just a few words and pictures to show how Freddie is getting along in his new home.

He has settled in really well and gets on with all the animals and people. He is a really lovely dog and we have all fallen in love with him. 
He is very affectionate. He is house trained and has not been naughty once and his training is progressing. 
We have mastered to get him to sit, wait and jump up. 
He still is a bit nervous in the new surroundings and barks quite a lot to new sounds 
especially when it is windy but on the whole he has been a wonderful dog who 
has been well behaved around the house, people and other animals and he is doing especially well when we walk him on a lead.
These pictures show Freddie having a good time in our back field, playing with the toys that Jayne from Noah's Ark Pet Holiday Home bought him,
 and then also, after his play, tired out in his bed.
From The Stringer Family


Bev caught up with Freddy at the weekend & writes:-

He's lovely and is absolutely loved to bits by his new family. 
It was lovely to see him and he was so excited to see me, which was heart melting!!! 
They absoultey adore him to bits and just love his personality. They say he  has been very well behaved in the house.
 It made my day seeing him, I just love him to bits.

Dan happy in his new home,spending time chilling!

HI Jan,


I thought you might be interested to know that Sid passed his Bronze Good Citizen's Test last Monday, 

thanks to a very nice and rather lenient judge!  

The picture of Sid by the canal was taken while the good weather was with us on one of our walks.

Sid does all the agility equipment and is like lightening on flyball.  

He is getting better and by the time he is old enough we should have it cracked.  Meanwhile he is a full time job. 

I have not been able to do gardening or housework since I got him.

 Love Tony

This is Domino, now Stella in her new home

RAW took in Blaze in August 2010 with a badly broken hind leg and mange, he was in a bad way.
 The operation was very costly but with the help from some very generous supporters we covered the bill and slowly he recovered. 
He got quite stressed due to his total confinement and came down with a bad case of mange, 
Karen at the kennels bathed him several times per week, no mean feat with such a large dog with stitches all the way down his leg! 
His leg steadily improved and his skin made faltering improvements.
Eventually we could put him up for adoption and  in February 2011 the Barnes family adopted him.
This is what they have got to say for him now:

Blaze is in tip top condition and looked after like a king, everyone that meets him says his colouring is stunning just like him.

On a recent weekend away to Norfolk he was the celebrity of Wells with people stopping us to comment on how striking a dog we have.
He is making a fantastic dog and gets walked every morning before work and at night when we take him to clumber park for his ritual of chasing squirrels.
When off the lead he is obedient and is better when he meets dogs, just wanting to play rather than when on the lead when he growls all the time if any dog gets close.
Blaze is a happy loving dog that has fitted into our family well and now that he realises what is expected of him his temperament gets better & better each day.


What a success story! 

Rocky enjoying life with his new owners (and his ball) on holiday

Maisie the true little queen of her new home !

Hello Joanne (and Janette):

Well, it's now August (and it's been just over 2 months since "Dotty" changed her surname to ours, in a manner of speaking!)  

It feels like she's been here  with us forever, so easy is she and quick on the uptake. 

Her confidence has improved enormously which is grand as she and I (or George) 

were all glued at the ankles for a few weeks of her arrival, her not wanting us out of sight - separation anxiety of which I can understand.  Not so now !!  She's spiffing !!!!!


Patricia (and the rest !) 

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me adopt another dog from you. 
Eddie has settled in really well , he's a friendly little chap and hasn't been any trouble. 
He runs alongside my bike without a lead... although he does have a passion for squirrels. 
I have sent some pictures for the website, and yes he does sleep with his legs in the air.
Thanks Angela

Hello Joanne (and Janette):

Hope things are well with you and successful rehoming continues, apace.

Well, I don't need to say that "Dotty's" coming-on in leaps and bounds (you'll see Dot's flying bot in picture 4 !!)  

All good things (playing-out and running across the fields) have a pay-back 

and that's a dunk in the utility-room sink before breakfast followed by a play - they're both 'clapped out' now !!

If there's ever a prize for a little dog to get 'stronger and fitter' well, I shall enter "Dotty" for First Prize ! She's so adaptable, taking everything in her stride and relishing each new adventure. All the best from us here.


Just thought I would send you some pic’s to show you how Rocky is doing.


Phoebe was with us quite a while before she was homed last year . She went to live with Henry, another ex RAW dog & his family.

These are the best I have managed to get, she does keep moving though!

We adopted "Dotty" -  - on the 28th May and since then life has, most certainly, been far from dull !  

This little "Pocket Rocket" is turning-out to be a pure delight.  

It's hard to believe that she has only been here with us for such a short time, so 'part of the family' has she become !!

We are so lucky to have been given the chance of offering "Dotty" a home with us as she, already, has become a treasure to us all.

Thank you so much.


Hi Janette,


We rescued Duke from RAW five weeks ago, he's settling in really well and as you can see from the photos is quite comfortable in our family. 

Duke gets on well with everyone he meets and even has a funny half hour in the afternoon where he charges around the house! 

Soon he's going to start going to training school as he ignores us if we let him off the lead. 

Otherwise he's a lovely friendly little dog who everyone has fallen in love with. 


Gail and Family. 

Hi Janette,

 Some photos of Jethro, who we’ve had 3 weeks now. He’s settling well and seems to love everyone he meets!

We were surprised how much he loves playing in water too…..nearly as much as he loves his tennis ball.

Feels like we’ve had him forever!

 Many thanks

 Fay and Phil.

We picked Missi (Hattie)up from a Police station in February. She was only about 12 weeks old.
She has certainly grown since she went to live with her new family!!!

Just a few early picks, all taken on a camera-phone so detail isn't excellent. 

More to follow I promise. 

from Karl, Louise, Missi and Harvey 

Hi there,

We just wanted to write to give you an update on Mickey, the Jack Russell / Corgi cross we adopted a week ago that you could use for the website.

We will send some more photos, but hope these will do for now.

Thanks again for bringing such joy into our life!


Thanks and regards,

Craig & Sharon

Well, what a first week it's been! Mickey is an absolute marvel.

 Housetrained, obedient, loving and intelligent, he really is the perfect dog.

He's thoroughly enjoying his 5 walks a day, loves chasing balls and sticks

 and learning new tricks such as hide and seek with his toys.

He's friendly with other dogs and our cats and has slotted perfectly into our family.

 His life seems to be a constant joy and that's all we could wish for him!

Hi Janette & Joanne

  Just a line to say that Rocky as settled in very well. 

We will be going to caravan on Thursday just for a few days before Rocky has his operation.

 We have sent a few pics of him for you to put with your collection. 


All our love

Margaret & Geoff Waterhouse


Sorry it has taken so long to send photos of Ronnie, 

I don't think they will make the calender but I hope they are ok for your news letter.




 Here are a few pics of Sadie-  as you can see she's made herself at home.

 THANKS Rache l& David

Molly is now living with Holly- who was also from RAW

Hi Julie
Just wanted to let you know that Molly is already settling in very well, we ended up picking her up yesterday. 
 I have attached a couple of pictures for you.
 Holly and Molly are getting on very well so far, we are very impressed.
 I understand she didn't have a good time at the verts and wasn't chipped, 
so I'm going to try and take her a couple of times to get her used to going before we get her chipped.
 Thank you so much for re-homing her with us.


Hi Joanne, hope you are well.

 Just thought I'd send you an update on Dan now that we have had him almost a year.

 He has loved the vast amounts of snow

we've had over the last few weeks as you can see from the attached pics.

 He's continued to fill out and gain weight and he's looking quite stocky now, in fact he's not much smaller than my other dog, Meg.

They really are inseperable and have exactly the same mentality as each other-life is one big game; tug of war being their favourite.

Dan is full of life and very happy, I cant thank you enough for rescuing him,

you do a great job.     

 He loves his home comforts too and I must admit he's spoilt rotten!


Many thanks


Hi Joanne


I thought you might like to see a few photos of Charlie's first Christmas with us. 

 We had our family party on the 30th and Charlie was impeccably behaved even though there was a house full of people. 

 Our neighbours even rang to see if we would like to take him there if it got a bit hectic for him 

but everyone at the party (including Charlie) voted that he stayed in residence!!


Best wishes for 2011 and keep up the good work.


Kind regards.


Jacqui & Colin Eyre

Hello :) just thought we'd forward you a few pictures of Abby, 

she's all settled down now, fitting in really well she couldnt be happier :)


Holmes family 

The picture attached is my gorgeous little Toby you may remember him as Flint.I adopted him from you in May 2009.
He's settled really well. He's a big part of our family. He's a real softy.
 My brother has 3 children and 2 springer spaniels and when they visits Toby is fantastic with them all.

Hi Joanne, finally some pics. 

Teddy as he has now become, has really settled well. Still not risked letting him off yet, but other than that couldn't wish for a better dog. 

Take care. Max 

Hi Joanne

Thank you for your fabulous Christmas card.  The dogs have settled into a really nice relationship now, although neither of them really like the snow.

  Ellie disappeared completely in our 15 inches in the back garden in her first venture out in the deep snow and

 Connor just wouldn't go out at all, until I cleared them a "circuit" around the perimeter of the lawn and tarmac which they then enjoyed running round and round for ages.

Wishing you all the very best for 2011 and thank you for all your help this year.


Hi Joanne,

Just thought I’d send you some photographs of Patch - now called Watson. 

He’s settled in perfectly well.



Molly seems to have settled in well with Karen in Penistone!!!

Hi Janette,
Hope you are ok. Please find enclosed some pictures of Joe after he had been with us for a couple of months.

 I have some more recent ones but need to download them off my camera. He has settled down brilliantly and is a well behaved boy.

 He has learnt lots of new things and is getting on brilliantly with the whole family. He is getting lots of fuss and treats and is turning into a bit of a mummy's boy to be honest :)
We both cannot imagine life without Joe now. He is much loved and we thankyou very much for the opportunity for him to be a part of our family.
Anyway, thought i'd let you know how he was getting on.
Kindest Regards
Richard and Jess

Hi Janette,
Here are the recent photos of Joe as promised. As you can see he loves the snow :)
Kind Regards
Richard, Jess and Joe

Joanne asked me to send some photos of Jax (who is now known as Jinx!). 

He has settled really well & seems to enjoy living with us. 

The children are keen to take him for lots of walks & he enjoyed a good run on the beach near our caravan at the weekend. 

Jinx follows us everywhere & loves nothing better than to curl up either in his basket or by someone's feet. 

We are so glad we met Jinx & were allowed to bring him home with us - many thanks!

 Alison, Chris, Thomas & Holly Mae

Hi Julie

 Here are some pictures of Lillie and Narla, (they've been with us for almost 4 weeks now).

 Not doing anything very exciting but looking settled I hope.

They've been out twice now just for half an hour or so and have tried climbing everything in sight.

 I think they are going to be a force to be reckoned with as they have already teamed up together to chase off my neighbours cat 

- he couldn't quite believe what was happening to him!!

 Lillie has decided to adopt Nigel while Narla is definitely my cat.

I will try and catch them doing something more exciting next time I have the camera out.


Hope Inca gets a good home soon


Sandra Baines

Hi Janette

Please could you send my regards on to Joanne and Helen as they were so kind & helpful a few years ago in allowing me to have a rescue dog [Milligan - an oldie] and bring him all the way back to London! I've attached a few photos.

He runs 2 miles a day with me -  I'm enjoying every moment with him. 
He is the perfect dog and he goes everywhere with me as I'm lucky enough to be able to take him to work.
I am still so grateful to Royston Animal Welfare for all the enjoyment he has brought me.
Kind Regards

Hi just a quick note from us all.
I have included a couple of pics of Ludo.  He is still a work in progress but we will get there eventually! 
He is great at the woods near us and loves to play with the other dogs he meets.  Boy can he run too!
He has his routine and if we don't walk him at the right time he gets restless and whiney!  
He also gets upset if he can't get on the couch on an evening when the kids are in bed as thats 'his' time to lay on it!
I have seen Blaze on your website and he looks very much like Ludo,   he didn't come from same background as Ludo did he?  Hope he does ok 
All the best
Tracey & Chriss

Hi there
Great to hear from you. Here are some pictures of the ASBO dog thats what we call her cos shes a monkey...very mischevious and so energetic. 
She is alot better with our Bonnie and has enjoyed lots of holidays at the seaside when we go in our caravan.
 She has filled out lovely as she was a bit skinny...but we can't keep her still...shes very loving and follows kayleigh my youngest everywhere, she is also very protective of us and checks people out when they come near us.. We really love her and she has settled in with the others lovely she is great and just loves having cuddles and would get in our skins if she had the options shes so bouncy though that five minutes on your knee is a painful experience...
 I regularly check your site and am still very sad at the amount of unwanted dogs..i have to restrain myself (lee does) so i don't get anymore....
 Take care and nice to hear from you
xxxxxxTracey Lee Beth Kayleigh and not forgetting Jessie, Bonnie and Poppy xxxx

Hi Jan
Were all fine thanks.
Sasha still very playful & a handful at times but shes gorgeous!

Hi Jan!

Fifi is fine thank you, keep meaning to contact you with an update and pictures.  She is completely spoiled, we gave in she sleeps in our bedroom every night, dog hair galore!

 The girls love her too, we feel really lucky to have her, lovely temperament, she does a lot of barking at our neighbour though.

 I take her running with me quite a bit, she has a lot of friends.  We also love this amazing smiley face that she does, teeth showing, the lot.

 Would love you to see her again to see how she has come on.

 Have attached some photos for you to see.

 Lots of love

 Julia, Pete, Grace, Honor and Fifi xxxxx

Hi Joanne

Please find some pics of Emmy.  They have now settled really nicely together in the house and follow one another about all the time. 

If you are still in touch with Emmy's previous owner  please  let him know she has settled and we all love her very much.

Many thanks


Hi Joanne
I have attached a couple of pictures of Oscar, I will send some more as and when we can get him to sit still long enough, 
he thinks were playing with him and runs around like a mad thing. 

 He's fantastic.


Hi there,

Thought I would give you a quick update to let you know that Toby (now known as Flynt, due to his black/silver coat) is getting on really well. 

Ace absolutely adores him and the two are inseperable. He loves bombing round the woods, bathing in muddy puddles (!) and cuddles on the sofa. 

We wouldnt be without him!

Best wishes

Sarah Gregory

Hi Joanne,

 Here are some pictures of Rufus. Hope you can find something you want to use for your website.

 I had difficulty getting him to keep still and/or look at the camera.


Hope to see you on Sunday.

 Kind regards


Buster is now living with Lee & Dan in Sheffield.

hi jan,
just a few lines and pics to let you know how lucky is.
she settled in remarkably well and has definately found her feet here.she loves the long walks around the fields and woods that we live behind.

she spends hours retieving her ball and  playing with lots of other dogs , who she gets on really well with.
all in all she is a little smasher who we love dearly.
               diane and julian

Hi Janette,

You dont know us but im sure you will know that we adopted Paddy(who was Jim in the kennels).

Joanne asked me to send you some photos and to say you can put them on your web site if you wish.

Paddy settled in immediately,he has a few problems,not 100% house trained

,pulls a lot on his lead,and worst of all,he can be very,very aggressive towards some dogs,hes not bad with one or two,but if he dosent like a dog hes really bad,

barking and snarling and difficult to calm down.

We will spend some time with him and make him understand what is expected of him.

Now for the good bit,hes so good and gentle with people,he loves to play,he is such a character and loves to steal socks and toilet rolls,

he loves his walks and is so interested in everything around him,

hes very good at being a meerkat!!!!standing on his back legs and having a good look around.

He loves to be close to one of us,he lays all over us,but he is so nice we dont mind.

We are back from holiday on the 6th of August,so we can take him to the gala on the 8th,hopefully we can meet you all and thank you again for letting us have Paddy,

by then im sure he will be on his best behaviour.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Jill,John,Joe,Kelly &PADDY

Hi Julie

 Here are a couple of photos of Boots and Lilly.

 It is difficult to photograph them together as they are constantly on the go.

 Both are still doing really well and seem to be very happy.

 Many thanks


Hi Julie,

Remember Lucy? She's all grown up now and has developed into quite a
character.  She wouldn't go out for months. She does now but usually only
when we are in the garden.  She likes "bird watching".  She hasn't caught
any yet and I hope she doesn't.  I keep a very close eye on her.

I was getting a bit concerned that she was overweight so I took her to the
vet to be weighed today.  The nurse says she is a bit podgy and just to cut
down on her food or try her with the "light" food. I have already been
giving her less, so, we'll see how she goes.  She always seems to be hungry.
I have never had a cat who eats like she does!

Anyway, she seems very happy and contented with life and we are very pleased
with how she has settled.  She is much loved.

Well, I'm off to do some gardening now with my little "helper".

I hope all is well with you.

Best wishes


Hi there,

Thought you might like to see some pics of Toby settling into his new home. 

He and Ace are getting on great, they have both been complete stars. 

I havent managed to get any good action shots of them both yet as they are just too fast for my poor camera but have a few nice chillin out ones.

He seems to find my mini lawn in a tyre comfy!

Best wishes


Hi Janette


Just a quick message to let you know how Rio is getting on. He has settled in to his new home.

 He is well behaved, energetic, affectionate and also a little bit cheeky.  

He likes to be warm and loves cuddling up to us at night.  He loves his walk and would go out 50 times a day if we'd take him.

 He loves going out in the car as long as he can stick his head out of the window. 

We took him on his first trip to the seaside the other week, and has you can see he absolutely loved the beach and the sea and his first ice-cream.

 He still shows some agression towards other dogs if they get too close, but he is slowly coming around with some blackmail (doggy treats).

 He developed an allergy, which we've pinned down to the blanket we got him, thats gone and he seems a lot more comfortable.

 We love Rio to bits and can't imagine life without him, ive attached some pictures for you all.  

Thanks to everyone at Royston Animal Welfare!


Gill and Mark


Hi Janette thought you might want an update on Ben & some photo's- as he is incredibly clever!!!! 

He has sent you his own little note!!! Terri & Brian Poole


Dear Royston, 

Life is great- I have a fab new mum who thinks I am wonderful and a dad who is teaching me how to behave.

 I have a lovely cage to travel in style and am now enjoying car journeys as I always get a new walk when the car stops.

 My big sister and brother in law take me to all sorts of places and I always end up muddy and happy. 

I am learning not to pull on the lead but it is soo difficult some times as I am so excited by new things.

 I have lots of new indestructible toys and a warm fire to curl up in front of I am very content. 

Anyway thank you all for looking after me and here are some photos of me- must go now as I am off on my first caravan holiday- such a busy life for a small dog......

Ben x

Yes- I'd be tired if I'd walked up those hills too!!

Dear Joanne,
Just a quick to note to let you know how Sam is getting on. Since his illness he's made a good recovery.

 So far it seems he hasn't done any permanent damage to himself, just my wallet! 

He has to have another blood test at the end of the month just to make sure his fluid levels are fully back to normal but all the signs are looking good. 

As yet we are unsure what caused his kidney problems and the vet doesn't seem to be able to shed any light on the cause. Guess it will have to go down as one of those things. 
 Meanwhile, he has got back to full exercise and certainly hasn't gone off chasing his ball. I've attached a few photos for you to put on the website.


Lucky doesn't seem to be bothered about football then!!!

Hi.  Joanne asked me to let you have some pics of Lucky now that she has settled in.  She is a lovely dog, beautifully trained and very loving. 

 Lucky is officially a chocolate lab crossed with a pointer of some sort. 

 Several people have suggested that could be a doberman, but someone else suggested a Wiemaraner, and having read up about the breed we think this could be about right.  Lucky barked incessantly at night, which seems to have got worse over time rather than better. However, we think that this could be a bit of separation anxiety. 

 We have now found that if we put her bed in our room at night, she behaves absolutely impeccably.  

As you can see from the pics, she likes to perch herself along the back of the settee, which again, seems to be so that she can keep tabs on every member of the family. 

 We had decided that the time was right to have another dog, but could not find what we were looking for on any of the rescue websites until Lucky came up. 

 As we were hoping for a bitch, spaniel kind of size, short haired and fully toilet trained, Lucky ticked all our boxes. 

 She has slotted into our family so perfectly, it really does seem to have been "meant to be", as Joanne said, the right dog for the right family.  

We would like to thank everyone at Royston Animal Welfare, and at Foxholes Animal Hotel for all their help.  

We are currently working on a perfect pic as the boys are mad keen for Lucky to be a calendar girl!


Many thanks.


The Sellars Family

Hi Julie,
Sorry for the delay in sending these photos of Maggie.

 I've also included one of Vince (we were going to call him Simba, but he is more like Vinny Jones in character!). 
Best Wishes

Hi Janette,

 Well, we would all be lost without Charlie now! He's still as good as gold and is really loving-just wants to get on our knee and go to sleep on us, 

he doesn't even pester to be stroked, just falls straight to sleep. He sleeps really soundly now-when he first came he was really jumpy and never seemed to be completely asleep.

 He 'd go for 50 walks a day if he could and is inseparable from Ellie.

 In fact, Marcus took Charlie out with him to a job, and Ellie did nothing but sigh and mope around for a few hours 'til Charlie got back (and then bedlam returned!). 

They've totally bonded and can be fed together now without a fight (it did take a while though!) 

and I can throw tennis balls for them without any trouble from Ellie, (if you remember, it was a problem when they first got together!).

 I've attached a few photos.

 Hope you are well,

 Sarah,Marcus,Leila,Foster,Ellie and Charlie.

Still in front of the Aga!!!

You will be pleases to know that Jacob has now got a new name- Spike
They are pals of Stanley -see below

Stanley went to a valentines fancy dress party with Daisy the Boxer! But she went home with Spike & now 'he's all shook up'

(just so obvious wasn't it!!)

Karen has sent me an up to date picture of Charlie (Muttley) in the snow on Christmas Day.


Hi Joanne,

 Just a note to let you know that Mac  (formerly Chris) is now settling in nicely.

 He is as good as gold when someone is with him, but left alone, decides that he will go on a treasure hunt for treats.

 We went to Flamborough so that he could meet Holly – my friends daschund as she doggie sits for us when necessary.

 I’m glad to say that everything was great, it was a shame that Mac is not ready to come off the lead yet, I think they would have had a ball on our walk. 

Mac loves to have a cuddle and it is hard to believe that he has not been missed by a caring owner. 

 He now has a loving home, my stepmother was just telling him yesterday that he had hit the jackpot in getting us as his new owners.

 I hope he thinks so, everyone we have introduced him to so far thinks he is a real cutie and that he is well behaved and calm.

 Enjoy the pictures.




 Here are a couple of pics of Dan with my other dog, Meg.

 He is settling in really well and is loving the long walks, just struggles to sit still for long enough for his photos!

 I'll keep you informed of his progress..

 Many thanks


Hi Jan,

 Just a few pics of Lucky and to let you know she has settled in nicely.

It's almost as if she's been here forever
Diane,Julian and Nikki

Dear Jan

We recently have had the pleasure of adopting GSD X Barney, who is settling in to his new life extremely well so we thought we'd send you a few pictures.
As you can see he found his new surroundings relaxing and enjoys all the love and attention we can give to him and that he gives to us, and even though the recent weather has been troublesome for most of us it has lifted his spirits and enjoys playing in the back garden catching and chasing snow balls with my partner.

We will most gladly keep you updated on his progress with his life with us and Archie, our 3 year yorkie, and we would like to thankyou for all the help you and your team gave us in making our decision and finding Barney as he is perfect for us in every way.

 We would love you to post the pictures on the website maybe more people will look and you'll find homes for all the dogs.

Once again thanks for your help in us finding Barney and hope you do has well with all the other dogs and animals.

Hope you had a Merry christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

yours Sincerely
Louise Dodd, Jimmy Kemp, Archie and Barney


 I just wanted to give you an update on Isaac who we adopted (was called billy with you) about 6 months ago. 

 He's doing brilliantly.  He's passed bronze kennel club training at his dog training class and he's a really happy settled dog. 

 He's getting on well with both of our mums dogs so he's learning how to play properly with other dogs.  

 I've attached some pictures for you to see how much he's enjoying the current weather!


 Becks and John 

Jacob now lives with Daisy (that's if he's still Jacob!!!)

Day 1  he was called Jake

Day 2                      Chop

Day 3                      Spike

Day 4                      Sidney


Homeless to nameless


Will confirm when we have decided.

Just to let you see for yourself how the little lads doing.

Please forward these onto Joanne


 Nigel Barrett

 This is Ludo at the tennis court having a great run around off the lead.
He doesn't mind wearing his harness at all, he hasn't got a new collar yet, 

still in the orange one he came in but he also has a reflective collar for night walks!
He takes some wearing out!!
Tracey  xx

Hi Jan, 
Thank you for sending us the newsletters. This is my email address so you can email them to us now. 
They are great newsletters I love reading about the wonderful job you are all doing at RAW.
 Sorry it has taken so long to reply to you, we went away just after you sent your note and then I forgot all about it.
Buster is doing so good and is really healthy, still can't believe he is 11 he acts like a 4year old mostly when his not sleeping anyway.
 I can't remember our life before him now it feels like he has always been around!
 I would still like to get another cat, so if you come across any dog friendly cats let us know.

Here is some pics of Buster out climbing with us, he loves it!
 I've just brought him a coat to wear now for when we go on sunny days in winter (little at the moment)!
Many thanks

Foxie had kennel cough & came into season in her first week with us , but she's a lovely dog & has settled in nicely now.


Hi Jan,

 Just thought I'd send you a few photos of Charlie now that he's settled in. 

He's been so good, he hasn't done any damage in the house or garden. 

He's loving his long walks with Ellie and also goes to school with me every afternoon to collect Leila-the other children flock round him and he just sits there lapping up the attention.

 He's been really good when I comb him and clipped his claws and wasn't too bad (!) when he had a bath

 Sarah, Marcus, Leila, Foster, Ellie and Charlie.

Hi Julie,

I have attached a photo of Lucy.  She has settled really well, a real people
kitten.  She follows me everywhere.
She's growing fast and full of mischief!  She can jump
everywhere now and has a fascination with the kitchen sink, kitchen table,
worktops, lounge curtains, whizzing around the suite, etc, etc....., but
she's adorable.

Best Wishes


Hi Julie

Roxy seems fine, won't touch meat though only dry food. Got her vet card today although the letter was open so I hope there wasn't anything else in it.

i'll try & take some photos in the day as her eyes look glowing on the ones I've taken.

thank you


Hi Julie,

Hope you're well.Here’s some pictures as promised of Millie and Mollie(was Yasmine!)

They have settled in really well,as you can see Millie has come out of her shell as she was a bit nervous at first,

 but is now really good company on a night and loves sitting and watching telly with me. She also loves her food and can be a bit greedy at times (finishing off Mollie’s left overs too!)

 The picture directly above is off Mollie, who I have to share my bed with everynight!, I bought them both lovely cat beds, but they much prefer mine!


Thanks for all your help,Kind regards,

Suzanne,Sadie, Millie & Mollie  

Here is news of Isaac (who was Billy)

The third picture just makes me sooooo happy!!!
This is why we spend hours travelling to & from  kennels, waiting in the vets, on the phone  & fundraising to pay for everything.
Billy came from a stray kennels & without Raw's intervention he faced an uncertain future.
It's so good to see him happy in his new home - thanks to Becks for the great photo's!!!

Hi there Joanne,

 Thanks for your telephone advice the other day.  I'm finally sending some pics of Isaac!  He is booked in for his neutering this Wednesday.

 He's doing brilliantly still.  Really happy and settled and I havn't heard a cough for days!

 Many Thanks

 Becks Rayner

Hi Jan,


We are back from the Finals at Melton Mowbray. 

 We are very pleased with ourselves, we qualified for the final of Primary Agility and came second.  

20 qualified and only 4 got clear rounds.  Sandi was a star.  We received a trophy and a big rosette and three Bonios!


Izzy actually had three clear rounds in jumping!  I was so pleased, I do hope she keeps it up. 

 Our next show is in County Durham in just over two weeks.  It will probably be the last of this season for big ones anyway.


Love Tony and dogs


Hi Jan,

  I got back from Scotland yesterday.  It was enjoyable but very wet.  Izzy would not work in mud when it got bad on the last day, so got Sandi out and she really enjoyed it until it rained harder.  

The reason for the photo with the 2 dogs on was Woody has broken a claw and was lame so he was not with us on that walk.  I took that photo because the heath and heather were so pretty. 

 The dogs like the seats, this one was a different one from last time, I mostly see that view with blue sky and water!! 


We are going to Melton Mowbray to the agility finals next weekend.  I don't think we stand a chance, but will let you know if we do any good.


Love, Tony & dogs

Hi folks.

 Just a quick note to let you know that Max is getting along really well. 

He's walking to heel on the lead and getting much less nervous around people. 

He went to a 50th wedding anniversary barbecue last weekend, with about sixty new people to meet, and didn't bat an eyelid. 

He's got a new rope toy, which he is determined everybody must throw for him, no matter how smelly it gets. 

With a bit of luck, we'll be at the gala on sunday, so he can see some of his old friends.

Bryn, Rachel and Emily Spawton


Hi to all at RAW.

Here are some pictures of our two wonderful dogs that we got from RAW in December 2007.

They are adorable, loving and friendly and are ok with our two Cats. We re –named both of them and they are now known as Pixie and Frodo. (Oswald & Petra)

They spend most weekends in the great outdoors with us in our camper van. They love it. When we return home we have to carry Pixie out of the van as she would gladly move in there!!!!

Everyone who meets them falls in love with them. I feel so lucky to have them both.

Thanks again for the fantastic service you provide for the welfare of animals.

Regards, Angie and Gav x

Here's an update on 2 of the pups Bailey (Milly) & Toby (Merlin)


hi janette hope your ok just a note to let you know how baileys getting on.
shes now bigger than barney there great buddies she still pulls a bit on the lead training going well.
shes a bit nervous meeting new dogs and different things like push bikes prams and umbrellas but we will get there.
loves going to the beach playing with balls and frisbis and splashing in the sea.
on the home front shes such a thief nicking socks underwear shoes and hiding them in her bed and anything else she can find.
shes due a vet check next month to see when she will be ready for her spaying.
hope you like the photos do you have any recent photos of her brother and sister just out of interest to see how they are doing?
we hope your well will email after vet check to keep you updated
take care love sandra mark barney bailey x

I sent the pictures of Bailey on to Toby's new owners & they sent these:-

Hi Jan
aaaahhhhh she is lovely and soooooo like toby looks wise she just a bit bigger than him tho i think he still only small bless him,
 he has stopped growing for now, well toby is amazing he is sooo well behaved he does'nt chew anything 
he does'nt mess in the house he does as he is told most of the time he tends to be ignorant towards ben(husband) but hey sooooo am i at times! 
Toby love's attention he is still very loving and loves his cuddles he love's babie annie too 
he always wants to be at her side he never plays with her tho as he knows not to but he loves to lay with her he is a cutie. 
He loves to go for walks around the big lakes we go to we do not have to have him on a lead he will walk at my side all the way round. 
I am training him to go running with me this week so we can both be extremley fit and i know he will be fantastic to run with. 
anyway here are some pictures of toby now.
Thanks for everything and we will keep you updated with toby.
Janine Ben Annie & Toby xxxx

I've been to see Poppy today & I must say she's is looking GREAT!!
Kath is taking really good care of her & son  Andy takes her out for her walks,
along with his wife Maxine & daughter Kim. Poppy is really attached to them all -she really has landed on all 4 paws!!!

Izzy is middle, back row
Sandi is left, back row
Woody is left,front row.

Hi Jan,


We have been to Scotland this is a photo of my friend's dogs with mine at the usual bench. 

 We all enjoyed the walks, Izzy enjoyed lots of games with my friend's young dog, the one on the left, front row.  

She unfortunately is not doing agility, I hope it is a temporary state.  She is so obedient most of the time and she just goes deaf to anything I ask her to do in an agility ring.  

I cannot understand it.  I just hope she keeps on doing flyball. 

 We have an agility show at Melton Mowbray this weekend and flyball and agility at Newark Showground the weekend after.  

Two more weekends in July we have flyball at Scarborough, then I hope to see you at the Gala.

Love Tony & dogs XX

Pebbles has settled into her new home with Whisky & Mr & Mrs Goddard.
She is looking really well, she's put on weight & her coat is now gleaming - & is loved to bits!!!

Hi Jan,


Shelley(Now RUBY) is doing great. She has settled in really quickly and is enjoying being part of our family. 

She's always in the thick of things and when she's bored she goes looking for trouble, usually accompanied by my son! 

The window ledge is her favourite spot as she's so nosey. She has a best friend in our shih tzu, Mal and they spend hours chasing each other around the garden. 

She's even managed to win over our miserable old dog Susie and that is not an easy thing to do!

All in all Ruby is a brilliant dog and we all feel really lucky to have her. I'm especially pleased as all the exercise she needs will get me slim in no time !


I've attached loads of pics but don't feel you have to use them all:)


Thanks for everything


Shelley & Ruby

Hi Jan,

 We adopted Otis from Royston Animal Welfare at the beginning of March.  

He has settled in with us brilliantly - we had forgotten how much we missed having a dog and Otis is a huge part of our family already. 

 We had our first holiday with Otis a few weeks ago in the north Lakes - he had the best time and we even think he had the holiday blues we came home!!  

Here are a few photos which we thought you might like to see, feel free to use them on your website if they are suitable.


Best Wishes

Hayley, Jason & Otis

Here's an update on Floyd who some of you may remember went to live in AMERICA!!!



It has been many years since we were in Royston to pick up our dear Floyd from RAW.

 I was in the habit of corresponding around the Christmas holidays, but realized it had slipped my mind the past year!

 I don't know if you would remember, but we were stationed at Mildenhall in 2001-2004 and picked Floyd up in Dec. 02, I think. 

We are now in Texas and he has Gretel, our lab setter X and two boisterous children (Genevieve, 8 and Ainsley, 8 mos.) to keep him occupied.

 We thought you might like to see photos of our Floyd now, here:  (click on DOGS set). Floyd is our big, white fluffy guy.

 We have had many debates over the type of dog he is, and I do remember that he had a brother, Smoky, who was placed in the Barnsley area.

 I don't know if he is still there, but we have a picture of Smoky on our refrigerator. 

I have always had a thought that Floyd had a good amount of some type of snow dog; he has such dense, thick, long hair! 

Smoky looked even more like a husky/inuit type mix. 

He would be about 8 years old now.

 If you know Smoky's owners, please feel free to pass along our contact information as I know that our 8 year old esp. would enjoy hearing about Floyd's brother in England!

 Hope all is well in Barnsley. We miss England very much and still have many friends there. 

Best to you and RAW - and cheers for continuing the good work you all do!


Aimee, Chris, Genevieve, Ainsley, Gretel & Floyd Victoria

 Hi Jan,


This is not a very good photo of our Flyball team.  As you know the problem of getting several dogs to look at the camera you will not be 

too surprised that it is not good of all the humans!! Izzy was a star!!  She earned 405 points. 

A lot of dogs take years to get 200 points which earns them a certificate to say they are 'Flyball Dogs' and she did that in her first competition! 

 I was so proud of her. Our team now have a 'seed time' of 20.58 seconds I think, it was our fastest time of the competition.  

We shall have to try hard to get that time a bit more often!  We are still on a high.  

We shall now be in a division which runs at that time or faster.  We went faster than the time we guessed and 'broke out'. 

 Our break out time was 20.74 seconds so you see we exceeded our own expectations.  

The time we guessed at was about 21.24 seconds.  That is for all 4 dogs to complete a 'leg' correctly. 

 Izzy ran every race which  would have been at least 25 'legs'.  It was more as we had to rerun when we broke out.


We are going to an agility show tomorrow, I am not holding my breath!!


Love Tony XX

This is Merlin, now Toby
 (one of the three pups that were abandoned)

Hi Janette
Just thought i would send you some pictures of merlin aka now toby. we are so happy with him he is lovely a very soppy pooch loves his cuddles. 

he loves to pinch things n take them into his bed he is very mischievous but so adorable with it.

 we would all like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to rehome toby and we will keep you informed of his progress.

love janine, ben and baby annie xx

Hi Janette,
Yes of course you can put the pictures up on the rehomed site it would be good to see them on there,

i love reading the stories on that page. We decided to call him toby in loving memory of bens old family dog who they sadly had to have put down.
we have taken toby for his first vaccination and the vet seems to think he has some doberman in him and he may not be such a small dog 

but we don't mind,he could be huge or tiny we wud still love him the same as he is so sweet.
Oh and he is going to be attending puppy parties every sunday at the vets so that he can make lots of new friends 

he has a few weeks to wait yet as he needs his 2nd vaccinations before he can go join the fun he can't wait and neither can i

Thanks Again
Janine Ben And Baby Annie 
Thanks a million

Milly went to her new home last week with Sandra, Mark & Barney.
( one of the 3 pups that were abandoned)


Hi Jan, hope your all ok. As you can see from photo Bailey has made herself at home. Had first jabs yesterday all is well.

Hi Jan

 How are you?

 Here is a few picture's of Beth & as you can see she is starting to settle in nicely & being spoilt rotten. 

After a rocky start & being very timid, she is slowy coming out of her shell & showing off her very ckeeky personality. 

She really is getting her paws under the table!!! But love her all the same. I will send more picture's soon.


Angie x

Angel had been with us for quite a while before she was adopted by Angela.
I think she's definitely landed on her paws!!

Some pics of our beautiful Angel. As you can see, she's settling in very nicely and getting spoilt rotten.

After a couple of days of being shy and timid, she's definitely come out of her shell and is showing her

cheeky personality, which we all love!  We've padded out the deep window sill with huge cushions and throws

and she loves sitting there in the sun looking at all the birds in the garden.  We're going to leave the

door open when the weather gets warmer whilst we sit outside so she can decide herself whether or not she

wants to go out - personally, I think she really does because she sits for hours in her window seat just

gazing out. Her ears have settled down too and she LOVES being combed.


Angela Crossland.

This is Poppy in her new foster home- After 12 months in kennels she must think she's in heaven!!!
Many Thanks to the Ford family for taking care of Poppy.

Hello, Its  Poppy,
                         Just letting you know i'm half way through my first day in my new home.  
I love it!, I can open doors (the double bed is soo comfortable!!) and I can reach up onto the table and worktops (my treats have had to be moved now though).
        I went for a short walk so that I could get used to my surroundings but it's been so a busy day that it meant a chip shop dinner for those looking after me.  
I sat at their feet so well that I enjoyed  nice piece of fish too. 
 I've been so good, i've sat up and given my paw for the treats they've got, but i managed to bite through the toys they left for me.  
Lucky this family already had some 'tug' toys (and I'm definatley the winner!!!), infact it's a shame that my name is not Riley, cos I'm now certainly living the life of....

     Thank you for everything guys,
                                        much love Poppy  (think I'm ready for a nap now from all the excitement of today :D ) xox

Hi it's Poppy
 just sending you some photos to show how well I'm looking and how much i love my comfy sofa.
 I'm getting lot's of love, cuddles and treats.
I go on plenty of walks (I've never felt so fit ) but when no one is watching I try to go walking on my own to chase the local dogs just to show them who's the boss.
                                                                           love Poppy

Lynne Madison recently adopted Judy & has sent us these pictures & an update on her progress.

Judy loves her bed and takes herself off there at 9pm precisely every night and doesn't move until the next morning.
She also loves running around the outdoors this was a rare photo opportunity of her standing still.
As you can see from the photograph she's brilliant with the babies and they love playing with her and her toys.
She's a joy to have if not a little unruly still particularly when outdoors but we're working on that and see small improvements every day.

This is Poppy ( Lulu) who was an abandoned puppy which we looked after in October last year.

Hi Janette

Managed to get my phone sorted so i have sent the pics of r poppy so you can put them on the website?, the first is with r bethany when we fetched her home in November, the second one is taken just after christmas and the last one in Feb when we had the snow she's be about 6 months, shes 7 months now and a beauty when she's stood up her paws nearly come to my shoulders, she's twice the size of r bonnie and getting as big as jessie. She has a really great temprement and is very obedient even though she will have a chew if there anything available, she never goes on the lead and comes back brilliantly except near roads for her safety. When we had her spaded she was really good and recovered brilliantly. She still eats like a horse and would eat the whole sack if we let her but the wetting bed and pooping has calmed down. She loves nothing more then a long walk in muddy puddles and is learning how to retrieve the ball back for me when bonnie lets her, she is brilliant with the kids and very very protective if anyone comes near me or the kids she will growl and bark until we reassure her that everything is fine.

We are going on holiday at easter in r caravan so i;ll send you some pics of her in the sea and sand.. so glad we've got her wouldn't be without her


Best Wishes


Tracey Family & Poppy Bonnie & Jessie

This is Toffee (now Fifi) who was pulled out of the canal. She was the third puppy we fostered in  January 2009

Honor & FiFi seem to be getting along!!

Even Dad manages to get a hug!!

Hi Jan,

 As promised, thought I would drop you some pics of Fifi (nee Toffee), she is settling in really well and we all love her sooooooooooo much.

 Hopefully see you again soon.


 Julia, Pete, Grace, Honor and Fifi


 Ellie was the first pup we fostered in January 2009

Ellie & Foster seem to be getting on !!

Leila also seems happy with her new playmate.

Hi Janette,


Just thought that you might like a little update on Ellie. I've atttached a few photos, I think you will be able to see from them how well she's settled with us. 

Foster and Ellie have now called a truce (after a slightly 'snappy' and tense start from Foster...!) and although I bought them both matching baskets each to have in the living room-they usually share the same one.

Ellie has her second vaccination on the 11th Feb-the vet decided that he wanted to make sure that she was the right age for the jab-so we have had to wait a couple of weeks. 

She is really ready for a good long walk-she is quite 'loopy' for most of the day!! I've been spending as long as possible in the garden with her trying to tire her out a bit every day.

She loves the snow, as they all seem to, and has been a little so-and-so to get her to come back in after playing out in it!



Sarah,Marcus,Leila,Foster and Ellie

Tony & Izzy spent Christmas in London with family & Izzy behaved impeccably!!!
You'd think she travelled through King's Cross every day.

The other photo's show everyone having a good time in the garden.

L to R Trixie, Izzy, Sandy & Woody

Hi there.  We recently had a call from Joanne about Charlie's chip etc and she asked if we could send a photo to show how he is doing.

 As you can see he is doing fine.  Obviously we got him to sit for his treat, but what else would you expect, he is a lab!  

He really is a lovely dog and a welcome addition to our family - we all love him to bits.


Sue & Adrian Ward & family

Hi Janette,
Me and Darren thought it was about time that we sent you some photos of Charlie.
We got Charlie from you 4 months ago, he was a deaf Staffy Cross and although we had a few teething problems at first he has really settled in with us and is now part of the family. 
He has learn't his commands and has a great personality. We are looking for him a little friend, if you have any suggestions in the future. 
Thank you to RAW and the trainer you recommended, she was great.
Dan Slater and Darren Saunders

Hello Margaret and everyone at Royston Animal Welfare

 I have been meaning to email for a while now with an update as to how I’m settling in with Anna and Richard.

 As soon as I arrived I felt at home, although the bed they had got me was a little small but they soon replaced it with a much bigger one but to be honest I prefer being on their bed as you can see in the pictures! I think I’m what you called “spoilt” and have them both absolutely twisted round my little paws hee hee!!. I love to wake them up early in the morning – they think they can hide under the duvet but I know how to pull it off their heads with my claws and then gently bop their faces until one of them gives in and feeds me – works every time, even at 4am. They call me a big girls blouse as I hate being outside for any longer than an hour and can’t stand up for myself against other cats even though I’m twice their size – have no idea what they could mean! I have made a little cat friend though who I hang out with in the garden and invite in to play sometimes. And I love sitting on Anna’s knee when she does her make- up in the morning, looking at myself in the mirror – I’m just so handsome….or so they keep telling me.

 Thanks RAW for looking after me when the chips were down and finding me a new home. I’m very, very happy and Margaret, please come to visit if ever you are passing.


Lots of love

Timmy xxx


Just to let you know that Bonnie has settled really well. She is a proper little lady, can't believe we have only had her a week - can't imagine our home without her now. She loves rolling about on the floor with Garry and Andrew and playing with her toys.  We didn't use the training crate for bed last night she had her bed in the the hall.  I think we have walked her to death poor little girl - really quiet round the house and often curls up and has a nap. She is curled up at my feet as I am typing this e-mail. she has made such a difference to our home we were destined to have her she is just so perfect. we are going to have a cup of tea now - yes she loves a cup too.





Hi Jan,


Sandi won the Scent Hurdling Final!!  I was so proud of her.  The heats were run as timed runs.  The finals were run as a knockout competition so there were always 2 dogs racing.  

Sandi won every race and found her correct dumbbell instantly every time.  She was doing the runs in 7.2 seconds.  We won a cup and a beautiful rosette.  

 Woody did not do so well and came 4th.   I did not make the Agility finals but had several clear rounds and some rosettes for lower placings.

I went to the training session at Barnard Castle with Izzy yesterday. She was very good& people were threatening they might steal her!!!

 All being well I should have photo's of her at her first show on  6th September& I'll send them to you . (see above)

Love Tony & dogs x

Sasha (aka plum) was the puppy we looked after in February 2008.

 These are pictures of her with her new best friend Amber.
She lives with the Chambers family & they fetched her to see us at the Gala - she is now as big as Amber.
(See Gala pictures!!)

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