Rehomed Archive Page 4

This is the section where we catch up with our animals in their new homes. 

Hi Guys,
Sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you.We adopted Otto ( the mad little terrier cross) last October.
He is doing lovely. He is such a clever, intelligent dog (when he wants to be). He loves his walks & a cuddle & tennis balls seem to be the most important thing in his life so far!
He loves chasing them, nicking other peoples, ripping them up, you name it if there is a tennis ball involved he loves it!!Anyway I hope you enjoy his photo's ( our fave has to be him diving or his kangaroo impression
with his belly out on the sofa. this seems to be the position he has adopted for his 'nosey out of the window' time.
Lots of Love Mel, Andy & Otto

We recently adopted cody after seeing her little face on your website. We thought we'd send you some pictures and let you know how she is doing.She's such an excitable dog and gets very giddy when we come home to her. She loves her snuggles and has a nice little routine of coming up on the settee for a cuddle with mummy before bedtime. She loves her walks and runs and has mad half hours where she just runs and runs where ever she can. She does have a habbit of burying any toy or treat we give her too. She's a very intelligent dog and although shes learned quite a lot in the couple of weeks shes been with us, sometimes she gets a little too giddy to remember the rules!We're so happy we were able to take her back with us that day and give her a home, it wouldnt be the same without her now.
Thank you so much,
sarah, mike and cody

Hello all at Royston Animal Welfare.

I've attached some photo's of Star as requested.

(Star has a front leg missing  & Lilu is her new friend.) It's sometimes hard to tell the apart.

She's settled in completely now, she's asleep under my desk at the momentas we've just got back from a walk along Embsay Moor.

Kind Regards


Dawn & RobThis is Izzy with her new family. Tony has already adopted Woody ( on the left behind Izzy) & Sandi ( stood on the bench) from RAW. Also in the picture is Tony's other dog Trixie. Tony's grandson is pictured with the 3 girls above & Izzy is pictured in Scotland in the top picture. Izzy is coming on in leaps & bounds & will be entering her first competiotion in September. GOOD LUCK IZZY!


Mungo was frightened to go out before Helen & Ant took him on -


My boy was and is just brilliant –  I sometimes have to pinch myself that it’s the same frightened pathetic dog that we brought home  only  3 months ago (tomorrow – it was  Sunday Feb 24th) We just adore him and cannot thank RAWs enough for giving us the chance with him. 

I’m attaching a few photos so you have one for the news letter or the re-homed section on the web site.  

Cheers,we’ll see you at the Gala

Helen x


We adopted Snoopy just over two years ago from RAW, he's a brilliant dog, who settled in straight away, he loves playing with toys,  thinks they all belong to him, a bit grumpy when woken up, but we couldn't have asked for more!!
Last year we adopted another jrt from RAW, Talullah, what a little gem, she's gorgeous! loves everything and everyone, is a fusspot of note, who wants nothing more than to curl up on your shoulder and sleep.
We cant thank you enough for giving us these two little pleasures, sent some pics to show them off
Best regards Jean And Jon 


This is Reuben who has been adopted by Julie Smith. Seems to have made himself comfortable!!

Hi Joanne & everyone at Royston, here's a photo of Tali as we now call her & Marley relaxing after a long playful walk. Tali's settled in really well, she's met all Marley's friends & can run faster than all of them, is obedient, gentle & loves to be cuddled. Marley loves her to bits, he's always wanting her to play & she tires him out!  We're thrilled to bits with her, thankyou so much. Jim & Chris Boylan


We adopted Foxy from RAW about 18months ago and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. (OK may Woody who came along almost a year later from RAW!). Both are fab dogs and the perfect example of how great rescue dogs can be. Foxy is now a keen flyballer, as you can see from the above pictures she's bringing her ball back to mum as fast as her little legs will take her.


Foxy is a member of the West Riding Wizzers flyball team, part of the West Riding Wizards group of teams. She is absolutely fanatical about it, so much so we have lost four leads, the roof of my car and got a bent car crate because she's so desperate to have a go! The other photo is of the Wizzers after they won their division last October at Selby.


Foxy also led us into volunteering with RAW and I am now very proud to be a trustee. If anyone is reading this thinking they'd love to do more to help dogs like those featured on this page, then I say give it a go, it is very rewarding knowing that what you're doing is helping take dogs like those on this page off the street and into loving new homes.


Lots of love,


Nichola, Rob, Teela, Foxy and Woody


Hi Joanne,

                 Just a quick note to show you pix of  Billy the kid (on the right formerly Bruiser) and Bobby (short for Roberta). Both dogs are from RAW. We have had Bobby for two an half years and Billy we got three weeks ago. Billy is such a loving little dog. At first he was a bit unsure of how to play but Bobby has introduced him to a world of fun with teddy bears and squeaky toys.

The first night he pawed the kitchen door and whined a little but after that he has been fine. He is a clever dog it didn't take long to learn his name and sit commands, he still eats like he is never going to be fed again, but he is learning to wait before rushing in.

 Both dogs have brought so much joy to us. If you are reading this and are thinking about adopting a dog or another animal from RAW then go ahead and DO IT. It is such a rewarding experience and your doing a bit of good at the same time.


Best wishes


 Lee Amanda Bob an Bill

Hi, Janette,

We adopted Digger ( formely Royce) about 7/8 months ago. He is now 11 months old 

 & being a large puppy,full of energy he can be quite a handful at times. 

Kind regards

Dan Smith

(Dan is going to phone Janice Jackson, who has helped out with some of our dogs recently)

Just wanted to share the attached photo with you.

I can't believe the difference from the manic dog we took home from the kennels to the one we have today.

We've still a way to go, especially when it comes to chasing rabbits but Charlie really is the star pupil. Not sure who's proudest, me or Charlie but if anyone had said he would receive a certificate of achievement for basic manners 2 months ago I wouldn't have believed it. He's now progressed to doing his bronze award and so far he's well on track to achieve that.

Perhaps Charlie's success could persuade others that giving a home to a rescue dog, whilst challenging is very worth while (though I might not be saying that next time he catches a rabbit and runs off home with it).


 Louise Stone.


Dear Margaret and everyone at RAW,

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year

We just thought we would give you a new year update on Felix (Felixstowe).  He has settled in brilliantly!! As you can see from the pictures he likes to make himself comfortable on our bed!!!

We could not beleive how well behaved he is and we thought it would take him longer to settle in. The first couple of days he his under the bed in the attic and just came down to feed and use the litter tray but by the end of the first week he was more comfortable with his new surroundings.  He is now settled into a routine, in fact he is like our morning alarm clock! We get up at 6am every day and felix comes to wake us just before the alarm goes off to tell us he wants his breakfast and a cuddle before we go to work!!!  When I come home from work he comes to greet me and rubs his cute pink wet nose on my cheek!!

Kindest Regards

Lisa, Nathan and Felix 




 Just to let you know we think Dipsy has settled in really well, was a bit quiet yesterday but this morning

is jumping around like a mad one.

He loves the kids and the kids love him, and he is forever coming up to us to get lots of love.

Thank you ever so much he is a complete angel and we love him to bits.

 Alison Naylor





 Just a note to say a big thank you for all you did in allowing us to adopt Bagpuss and Beryl (who were originally Harry and Hermoine but they have got used to the name change!) They are just amazing kittens – I cant imagine how boring and empty our life must have been before they came to live with us.  We love them so much and spoil them too much but they are worth it.  Thank you so much!  When the fish screen saver comes on the computer it entertains them for hours.  Hope you have a good Christmas.I have attached a few photos

 Love Bev and Paul Dumont



For your archives. One happy dog and two happy parents!

Paul and Jennie Thackray


Here are Matthew & Amelia Drabble with Nancy the dog & guinea pigs Daisy, Pumpkin & Buttercup who all came from RAW.

Hello Paul and Janette,

I just wanted to send you an update on Buster who we re-homed in August. We have renamed him Marvin and he has settled brilliantly with us. At first he was VERY boisterous but soon learnt some manners and is now a happy, calm and steady boy.  He gets on great with his new brother Curtis and has already sussed out his own favourite places to lie and sleep in the house. He LOVES his walks and particularly enjoys scampering around in the woods and swimming in the river. He ADORES chasing a ball  (although he isn't too keen to give the ball back yet.) His training is coming along really well and his recall is brilliant. On the lead he still pulls but off the lead he walks really nicely to heel!! We are so pleased we found Marvin at RAW!

Here are some pics of him.

Alyce and Ryan xxx


Lily has now joined 'our gang'. She came to RAW in August from Rochdale Dog Rescue

& when I went to take her photo for the website I knew she had to come & live with us.

She fitted in from the word go. Trilbie took a little time to get used to her- I think he thought

'Not Again!!' but Rosie was her best friend from day one. We don't know what she'll look like when fully grown,

but that's half the fun -isn't it!!

Hi to everyone at RAW.

I've attached 3 photos of Spike (formerly Gary) who we adopted in April 2007. He is a lovely boy and has settled in well with our other 2 dogs, Sky and Lily. He is very lively and noisy - he 'talks' all the time. He still seems a little insecure, not wanting to be left alone in a room and needing a lot of attention. Bringing him into a home with 2 other dogs to give him confidence has worked well. You can see from the photos that if he's not cuddled up with them, he'll be lying on our feet. He has also discovered trampolining and uses the extra spring to help him pounce on Sky & Lily as they pass by! I know you had him for a long time as his boisterous behaviour in kennels made re-homing him difficult.

He has been to the kennels while we were on holiday and was absolutely fine in with Sky and Lily. He is a very loving and playful dog and I can't begin to imagine how his previous owner could have abandoned him.

Keep up the good work!  Regards

The Grant family, Sheffield


My name is Gary Gibson.  Myself and my girlfriend, Laura, rehomed a little puppy that you had on your website back in January. (Mr. Silver told us that we should inform you if we wanted to send an update of how he is doing)  We adopted Patch in February when he was about 10 weeks old.  I am proud to say that he has developed into an extremely fantastic dog and is a credit to Laura and I.  When we first got him, no one was sure what type of dog he was, but we now have been told by several people that they think he is definitely as Staffy cross with perhaps a bit of English Bull Terrier.  Despite being crossed with two infamous dog breeds that are wrongly renowned for their ‘hostility’, you could not meet a friendlier dog than Patch.  He just loves going for his walks and playing with other dogs (no matter what their size).  He is always pleased to see people and gets so very excited when he meets someone new.We quickly found that he is a very intelligent dog and within days of adopting him we had taught him how to sit, give his paw and to roll over.  Over the last few months he has learnt the more important life saving commands such as stay and recall. He still pulls on the lead very much at the start of his walks due to his excitement but he is slowing learning not to. He is a fantastic house dog and extremely protective of Laura (as only a few weeks ago Laura was approached by a strange guy as she was out walking and Patch must have sensed she was scared as he gave the man a very nice warning not to come any closer).  He has shown such good behaviour with dogs smaller than himself and with children.  I was very impressed with the way he behaves around children considering he is only 7 months old himself. My parents adore him, in particular my mum who comes over to our house everyday without fail and takes him out playing for the afternoon. I would like to finish by saying that Patch is an absolutely fantastic dog who is extremely loving and is loved back just as much as is a credit to us. I would recommend anyone wanting to get a dog to rescue one because if they turn out half as good as Patch, they have bagged themselves a winner! Its certainly true when people say that a dog is the only animal that loves you more than it loves itself. I have attached some pictures of Patch for yours and Paul’s interest.  You are more than welcome to put them on your website if you wish.

 Gary Gibson

Hi its me Bonnie! Just thought I'd send you some pictures of me settled and having fun in my new home with my new family. 

This is Jack with his new owner Jake. Jack was with us quite a while but now he really has landed on his paws.
He loves Jake & his mum Andrea & they 'love him to bits' A story with a really happy ending.
Rosie & Trilbie on their Saturday morning walk around The Anglers Country Park at Wintersett.
Rosie has really made herself at home & livened Trilbie up. He is really tolerant of her, but she is the boss!!
Thought you might like to see a picture of Daisy & her offspring Fidget & Pedro. (Max & Harry their brothers are further down)

Daisy came into our care early this year & then produced 6 kittens. Pedro is really big now but Fidget is petite.

A picture of the six at 4 weeks old is on our calendar for April.

The Hutchinson Family emailed recently:-

We thought you might like an update on Sweep. I sent you an email a 
little while back but I'm not sure if you received it. We told you of 
our plans to live in Australia, well, we have now been here in 
Adelaide, South Australia for 6 months and Sweep has settled in really 
well. I've attached a couple of photo's, one when he was in kennels 
when he first arrived and the other in
his new back yard by the pool, I'm sure he would love to go in!

Sweep was adopted early in 2005 & had been with us quite a while- He certainly seems to have landed on his paws now!!

Hi Paul
 I received the phone message you left on Sunday - sorry I wasn't in. 
Whiskey or Hector as we've named him is doing fine.

We have enrolled him in obedience classes and he is doing very well. He is a lovely 
loving dog, still a little flighty at times, has his daft half hour, 
but other than that, he's great.

I've attached a few pictures of Hector so you can see how well he is doing.
Hope you like the pics of me Paul. Luv HECTOR


Dear Paul,
 Please find attached some photos of me in my new home with my new 
 friend Archie. I have settled very well and am due to start puppy classes in November!
 From Tizzy (formerly Gypsy)

Karen Hardcastle emailed me recently ;-

Hi Jan

 Here is a recent picture of Max and Harry, which I thought you would like to see. 

They are very happy bunnies, although we had an escaping incident into the garden a couple of weeks ago. 

 They spent the afternoon in next door’s garden, and then came home in time for tea.  We managed to catch them eventually!!

 Many thanks

 Toni Deakin writes :-

Dear Paul,

Just a little note to let you know that Stella is doing Really well!! She loves it living here!

I have enclosed some photo's for you, she has got so big!!

Love Toni & Stella
Joanne Bridges has sent this picture of Bella & her son browsing through the Argos catalogue. She says 'Bella has fitted into our family perfectly.
I think we can see that from the photo!!
Aketon Primary school in Castleford have recently adopted 2 rabbits.

The pupils have been busy making a large hutch & rabbit proofing the quadrangle where they are going to live. After consultation with the children the School Parliament have decided to call the rabbits Biff & Chip after characters in the books from the school reading scheme.

The photo's show Lewis, Denver & Caroline with the new arrivals.
Floyd was adopted in 2001 by Aimee, Chris & Genevieve.

Chris worked at the  American airbase at Lakenheath at the time. They now live in Texas.

Here's our latest update :-

Dear Friends at RAW:

 I usually send a Christmas update on Floyd, but this year the time just flew and I'm a bit behind! As you can see from the photo, he very much enjoys his buddy Gretel, and they are constantly getting into things. Every night, like clockwork, they wrestle on the carpet for about half an hour, then eat, and go to sleep! They're so fun. This year we have been on many long hikes in some of the Texas State parks, and the dogs always enjoy that very much.

 I hope RAW has placed many animals this year. All the best from Floyd, Gretel, and the Victoria family in America!

 (Chris, Aimee, and Genevieve)