Rehomed Archive Page 3

This is the section where we catch up with our animals who have been re-homed this year, in their new homes. 

Molly joined Marco & Jazz in Royston ( see further down the page)


Just thought I would give you a quick update on Molly. She has developed into a lovely cat, friendly, affectionate & very play-full. Not a lap cat as yet , but loves human contact & adores Jazz! She has been just the perfect playmate for Jazz which has given the "ole timer" Marco some peace & quiet!I have sent some photos so you can see how she has grown.

 Merry Christmas to you, Regards,

Celine & Jessica Chapman




he photos are of 3 semi-ferals  Missy, Suzy & Charlie adopted in October by Laura & David McFarlane in Chapeltown. Initially, when they moved in they had the spare bedroom devoted to them (the bed was upended to make room for boxes and climbing frames, etc.!!) As you will see they settled in remarkably quickly as they were roaming around downstairs well before Christmas. (Missy and Suzy were originally Sasha and Suki.) One of the success stories of 2005.


Hi there, came across your website and enjoyed seeing all the animals that have found new homes. 

I adopted my cat 'Misty' from RAW in Nov 2002 and I noticed that she wasn't on the site and I thought I would send you a picture and ask if you could add her picture to the site.


Catherine Mitchell


The picture is of 2 cats adopted by Clare Doyle. The tabby is Pebbles adopted in November last year and the black one is Kali adopted in November this year. They are obviously best friends.

Hi there. Just a quick note to let you know how things are with "Katie". Firstly, we have changed her name as we didn't think this was suited to her and now call her "Cody" which isn't really a million miles away from what it was. She really has settled in well with us and has been on walks every day and night to get her used to her new home and the area around, she absolutely loves all the space in the back garden as she runs up and down getting rid of the energy she has. On a night time, she is straight on her bed with no crying or anything. She gets on really well with my parents dog who like Cody is also a cross staffie albeit she is a bit older. We took them both to the nearby park early yesterday morning which "Cody" is getting used to and thought about letting her off the lead thinking, should we or shouldn't we??? Anyway, there was nobody else around so we thought seeing as she has taken to her name and responds every time, we thought why not. I must say, you could really tell that she hadn't been off the lead for a while as she went absolutely crazy and loved the freedom of just running with no lead with the other dog we had over the weekend, we were in the park for 2 hours and she sniffed every leaf, tree and anything else she could see. Both dogs came home and rested in the garden and then tea time yesterday was another trip to the park, again, off the lead and running around using up her energy. Hence to say that last night, both dogs were sleeping next to each other all night and didn't move. It just looked like they were mother and daughter. Anyway, I would like to say that we are glad (so far) that all the people who had walked her don't know what they are missing by not wanting to take her thinking that she was too lively as their loss is now our gain, she loves the attention she now gets and seems really happy. I've attached some photos for you to look at and as you can see she likes to put her nose in the flower pots!!!! I've also noticed that she does seem to like moving my walking boots around the house!!!! Regards Carl



Hi Margaret & Lesley, as promised here are some pictures of Jack (now called Dave) settling in. He is the most adorable cat I've ever known so well behaved and affectionate and he likes having mummy cuddles as well as I like to give them. Thank you for allowing me to adopt him, he is really settling in with his sister Jasmine and Brother Salem. He always takes over my bed at night but I don't mind. I'm glad we've found each other and I cant wait to feed him up and give him as much love as he deserves, he truly is very special.I didn't know if you wanted to include this on the re-homed page of your website?? but anyway keep up the excellent work. With Kind Regards and many thanks to you both xxxxx Nichola Wallace

Jazz & Lily are 2 semi-feral kittens of approximately 6 months old which we rescued from Kexborough in December 2004. When they were taken to the cattery they were very timid & afraid. The following stories show that with the love & patience of the perfect owners, kittens who have been born in the 'wild' & are months old as opposed to weeks old can become loving domestic pets.


Jazz went to live with Jessica Chapman, her parents & their existing cat Marco in Royston. Jessica says that Jazz has settled in well & is firm friends with Marco. One of his favourite pastimes is sunbathing on the bed with Marco. (See photo). He always has to have a 'love in' with Jessica before she goes to school, then spends the rest of the day snoozing before going off with the neighbours cat for an 'expedition in the early evening. Occasionally he brings these friends home & they can be heard playing on the stairs in the middle of the night.


Lily lives with Leanne Tuffs & her parents in Purston, nr Featherstone. Leanne had wanted a cat for a long time & her parents felt that she was now old enough to look after one properly. Leanne tells us that Lily has settled in well & is 'the boss.' Her favourite playthings are pens & pencils even though she has lots of proper cat toys. She also likes to tear up paper & makes a fine old mess! She loves sleeping on Leanne's bed &dozing in the sun. She has made friends with the neighbours so much so that she has started sneaking into their house! She hates the hoover & won't go near the kitchen sink- no washing up for her then!


This is Rufus in his new home with Sarah & Gareth. They tell me he has settled in well & has grown a little.

Here is Holly enjoying a little stroll in the Lake District recently with her new owners John & Jenna Horsfield. They emailed to say that she has settled in well & is truly a member of the family. She is not too good at travelling in the car but is getting better.


This is Muffin, one of three semi feral cats that we had in just before Christmas. She now lives with Conrad Easby's Mum & Dad. Conrad has emailed to say that Muffin has put the dog in her place & is very much the boss! Both his Mum & Dad love her to bits. I love a happy ending, don't you?


This is Katie with her new owner Florence Leigh.  She has settled in well & is enjoying her 2/3 walks a day. She also gets on well with Florence's daughter Christine's 3 dogs but isn't too keen on the cats!


This is Sweep with his new family. Karen & Adrian have written to tell us that they could not have imagined how well he would have settled in. As you can see from the pictures he's claimed the floor cushions as his & gets on really well with the kids.


Floyd was adopted in 2001 (see re-homed archive) by Aimee, Chris & Genevive. Chris worked at the  American airbase at Lakenheath.

This Summer they all went home to Texas- & Floyd went too!!!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends at Royston Animal Welfare; we thought you would like to see our darling Floyd, who made the long journey from England to Texas this summer. He and Gretel, our other rescue mix took some time to get acquainted, but have become best friends now. They are quite the characters and we love them ever so much! Floyd spends his days chasing squirrels in our garden and is enjoying Gretel's company immensely. I cannot imagine our home without them. Floyd continues to adore children, especially babies -- usually much to their Mothers' horror --  and licks them with great vigor! I think it's great! He's a puffball right now, as our weather is fluctuating wildly in terms of temperature, so I've let him grow out a bit as we get cold spells this time of year. He's a love.
Hope everyone at RAW has a blessed NewYear, and our best wishes for continuing successful placements and happy endings!!!
Chris, Aimee, Ginny, Gretel and Floyd Victoria

I've just received this email from Floyd's extended family:-

Hi Janette

Grandma and papa were down to Texas to check on Floyd and his adopted sister Gretel over the Holidays.

We live in Western Pennsylvania and kept Gretel while Aimee and Chris were in the UK. I have to tell you Floydie is a real sweetie. He and Gretel are a wee spoiled and have a wonderful family that love them dearly. Gretel too was a lost and found little pup in the streets of Los Angles California.

These two pups have more flying miles under their collar than most people I know.

Thank you for being there for all of the lost little souls.

Dave & Betty (aka grandma and papa)



Jack is a 1 year old 'laid back' French lop who has just gone to live with Julie Fletcher. He has settled in well in his own bedroom complete with  assault course & toys. Lucky Bunny!!


Rocky seems to have settled in with his new owner Winnie Crossley.


Dottie is settling in well with Mick, Carole, Harriet & Oliver. Mick says she loves to chase almost anything, is very excitable around other dogs & is still car sick on every journey!! As you can see from the photo she is a much loved dog who, I think has landed on her paws.