Sponsored Walk 2008

Teddy & Stan are glad to be out of the kennels

& are raring to go.'Come on Ken!'

Jack is can't manage 5 miles now but came to see us off

with Andrea & Jake. Jake decided to join us & took Stan.
Jacki & Jake, who is wearing his bandana from last years walk.
 Freddie with Pam, Marion & Peter.
Holly with Amy.

Paula with Pudding (taking it easy)

& Jelly Bean (Idon't want my photo taking).

Alison with Toby &.........with Misty.

Michaela with Blue.

Linda & Aiden with Tyke & Jess.

Steve & Kath, Alex & Amelia with Barni & Busby.

Alison with Holly, Mandy with Alfie.

Nicky, Andrew & Pam with Megan.

Louise with Teddy (RAW dog), Jacki & Sharon with Jake.

Theresa with Woolly & Jeanne with Bella (also with her bandana).

Helen & Ant with Mungo & Megan.

Lu with Hancock.

Julie, Ian & Amelia with Nancy & Sam.

Jean & Jan with Mattie.

First rest stop at Old Royston.

Teddy (above) & Stan (below) seem to be enjoying their day out from the kennels.




The next four pictures show a remarkable story.

Mungo, the black labrador had been straying for months before coming into RAW's care.

Mungo was very nervous of new people & was a quivering wreck when he saw a lead

or had to go outside anywhere. (the vets was a particullar trauma for him)

We had him for a while before Helen & Ant took him on.

We were a little sceptical when Helen said she would like to fetch him on the sponsored walk.


What a miracle they have performed - just look at him now!!!

Is this the same dog??

Mungo was running around with all the dogs & coming up to everyone for a stroke.

Anyway - the pictures say it all-This is definatly a dog who is enjoying life now!!!

Thanks Helen & Ant ( & Megan)

Second rest stop at Applehaigh ( or Abbledy as we locals say)
Ginny (Raw dog)  looks as if she might go for a paddle.

Watch your step girls!!

(Wonder what Jake is thinking?)


We all had a fantastic day & the weather was great -just right for walking.

We hope to raise £1500 -an all time record.

Thanks to:-

everyone who took part,

everyone who sponsored someone,

Jean for organising a cracking walk (as usual),

Ken for being 'on call' in case of emergency,

the landlord & landlady of the Oliver Twist for allowing us to use their car park,

anyone else I've forgotten.


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