Sponsored Walk 2009

This years sponsored walk took place on 17th May

We all had a fantastic day even though the weather wasn't too good & it rained before we got back to the Twist.

Last year we raised over £2000 -an all time record hope can we  beat it!!!

Thanks to:-

everyone who took part,

everyone who sponsored someone,

Jean for organising a cracking walk (as usual),

Ken for being 'on call' in case of emergency,

Jean K for collecting money, dishing out certificates & also being 'on call'

the landlord & landlady of the Oliver Twist for allowing us to use their car park,

anyone else I've forgotten.

Linda, Aiden & Tyke came & also took RAW dog Jasper

Sharon took RAW dog Biggles or perhaps Biggles took Sharon!!!

Jake is a regular walker & brought along Jacki

Rachel & Keisha

 Sally & Poppy

Danny, Sarah & Bonnie & they also took RAW dog Ruby
(see further down for Ruby)

Cheryl & James brought Ginny who last year came 
on the walk as a RAW dog waiting for a new home.
Jane with Toby, Holly & Suzy.

Lindsey & Cassie

Gina & Sasha

Darren, Ethan & Brandon with Charlie
(Charlie is deaf but that doesn't hold him back!!)

Nigel & Lorraine with Stan
 (who also came on last years walk as a RAW dog waiting for his new home)

Jeanne & Bella are regular walkers,
as is Mattie but Jean must have been hiding.
Ken is on standby in case anyone needs picking up early!

Theresa, Kevin, Kieran & Jamie with Jack

Beverley, Ellena, Luca & Simon with Woody

Helen & Ant with Mungo & Megan

Lu & Hancock

Andrew & Kath with Cass & Megan
(sorry didn't get everyone's name)

Gill & Julie with RAW dog Max

Time for a spot of dinner.

Ruby (RAW dog) is with Danny in the middle of the picture

Poppy gets a pat


Biggles loves people!!!
& I've managed to get Jean in the background!!
( wonder if there was any vodka in the bottle)

Someone with rather a large fleece!!

Mattie doesn't want his picture taking!!
( doesn't want to be seen with the fleece!!)

Jasper has a cuddle

Jacki still has her eyes closed
'Is Louise boring you??'

AAAHHHH Mungo's found the water!!!!

Come on , hurry up!!

Well- are you going in ?

 The weather then turned a little wet- 
so we didn't stop at Abbledy this year-

Time for home

Not far to go now

Hope to see you all next year!!!