Sponsored Walk 2010

Wish everyone would hurry up & come!!!

Jeanne with Bella

Jacki, Sharon & Louise with Jake 

Terry, David & Brian with Ben 

Jane & Gina with Hollie, Suzie, Toby & Sasha 

 Ian, Amelia & Julie with Sam & Nancy 

Sarah & Phoebe with Coco 

Jamie & Emma with Tyson 


Gareth & Rachel with Kiesha 

Sue, Cheryl, Emily & James with Jinny 

Stephen & Dawn with Suzie 

Linda & Sheila with Tyke & Jess 

Julie & Dave with Ellie & Harvey

Julie striding out at the back!!! 

What's in here? Lets have a look!!! 

Nothing very interesting.

First Stop- time for a drink

Hurray -Abbledy!!!!

We had a smashing walk, the sun came out & everyone enjoyed themselves.
(especially the dogs!!)
Thanks to everyone who took part & everyone who sponsored someone.
Special Thanks to Jean T for organizing a great walk yet again, to Jean K for booking everyone in & 
to Ken for being on standby just in case anyone needed rescuing.
Sorry if I didn't get your picture (I missed Danny & Sarah-but you can see them lurking at the back of Jean!!)

I'll let you know how much we raise when the money is all in.

Hope to see you all next year.