Sponsored Walk 2011

Thanks to everyone who took part & everyone who sponsored someone.thanks to Mick, the ranger at Rabbit Ings for making us so welcome - he also made a great cup of tea!!! (see photo at bottom of page)

The Walkers

Colin & Jacqui with Charlie

Jane & Gina with Holly, Susie & Toby

Louise with Theo

Sharon with Harvey

Andrew & Ethan with Coby

Linda with Jess
Gill with Mattie

Rachel & David with Sadie, Gary & Donna with Bailey

Jeanne with Bella

John with Paddy

Sarah & Danny with Harvey

Sharon with Theo

Sharon with Theo, Jacki with Jake

Off we go!

Felkirk church -time for a photo call

Last bit of the hill -come on everyone -
you can do it!!!

 The top at last!!!

Phew- worth it for the views!!

Can Rosie & Lily have a taste please Auntie Jean?

Ruby gave out pens & key rings

Mick dished up the tea!!

Jake says -See you next year!!!