Sponsored Walk 2013

Well what fantastic weather we had for our walk. 
It was great to see so many ex RAW dogs & their owners.
Thanks to everyone for taking part & to everyone who sponsored them!!
We have collected just over £1000 -I'll let you know the final tally when it's all collected in.
Thanks to Jean T for working out a smashing walk, as usual!!, to Ken for standby for early pick ups & to Jean K for collecting money & dishing out certificates.
Louise & Jacki with Jake
Ken & Jean with Tig
Jan with Rosie & Lily

 Dobbie is a RAW dog (brindle)along with Peter & Malcom with Woody who are fostering him. 
John with Paddy
Jenny with Buster & Monty
Chris & Faye with Gerry
Jaqui & Colin with Charlie
Michael & Christine with Katie 
 Jane with Holly, Toby & Susie
Andrew with Coby & Boris
Is everyone here?
Tracy & Julie with Henry
Linda with Lily & Rosie
Jean counted everyone out & everyone back.

Raw dog Poppy is ready for off!!

So is RAW dog Rudy.

Raw dog Dobbie is walking nicely with Woody & Buster.

Raw dog Rudy was enjoying the walk with David & Diana
Attention!!! Managed to get David in a photo!!
Dawn & Emily
Sharon & Liz with Poppy

 Rudy was tired so had to go home early.


Jacki & Louise having a snack -wonder if Jake got any??

RAW dog Poppy enjoyed her walk away from the kennels -she was a little hot so found a cooling puddle
Monty's pleased to see Jean!!

Charlie's got his certificate!!

Time for home

Tig says-Hope to see you all next year!!!