Sponsored Walk 2014

Sunday 18th May 2014
Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Annual Sponsored Walk.
This year the sun was out & it was red hot -we had to have a few more stops for rest & recuperation but we all made it back.
(some took a bit longer than others!!)
It was great to see our ex RAW dogs again -all looking fit & well.
Gemma & Barney, who are looking for their new homes, came along too.
Here are some of the photos.

John & Paddy ( sorry for chopping your head off John!!)

Sharon Louise & Liz with Kia & Tess.

Jacki & Jake (doing her usual eyes closed for the camera !!)

Jean counted everyone out & everyone back -Thanks Jean!!!

Jayne & Toby.

Malcolm & Peter with their dog Woody & our Merlin who they foster.

Kia in her new bandana- doesn't she look smart?

Laura came to walk Barney.

Sharon has Gemma .

Jenny with Buster.

Mick with Buttons (who is nice & clean -but not for long!!!)

David with Monty.

Jayne & John with Molly.

Rosie & Lily.

Andrew & Rion with Koby & Boris.

1st pit stop -we need to take on water.

Oops- Buttons where have you been ?

Jean trying to get Tig to have some water - you know what they say Jean-
You can take a horse to water......

Jenny & David with Buster & Monty.

Jean with Rosie, Lily & Tig.

Gotcha... Ethan & Nicola!!

Which is Kia & which is Gemma???

Last leg... not far now.

Phew....am I hot!!!

Time for home.....

Hope to see you all next year!!!