Summer Gala 2007

If you didn't come -Look at what you missed!!




2nd Sally  3rd Scooby  1st Pip


1st Poppy  3rd Dixie  2nd Barker


2nd Georgia  3rd Tess   1st Storm


2nd Trevor  3rd Jack  1st George


2nd Lizzie (9 yrs)  1st Sam (18 yrs)   3rd Munchy (15yrs)


3rd  Jasmine  1st Jack   2nd  Nell


2nd Meridith the rat   1st Freddy the mouse   3rd Yoda, Obi & Naarky the guinea pigs

Winston & Lizzie in their bandanas

Mattie & Jack



Jasmine, Poppy & Nell

Nancy & ?

Jack & Trilbie

Agility Display team

Tony with Sandy, Woody, Trixie & Moss

Sue with Millie & Daisy

Carole with Megan, Foster & Holly

Caroline with Jenna & Pippa

Glynis with Dodger

Avril with Bry & Stanley

Julie with Gypsy

Jean with Becky

Emma with Sapphie

Melanie with Jasmine

Susan with Ursa

Hannah with her Lakeland Terrier cross (sorry no name)

Ready for the off!

Is it our turn yet?

Tony with Sandi - from RAW (our Crufts star)

Just learning !

It's alright for you Mum but that tunnel's dark!!!!

Up & Over

(obviously it's all to do with THE FINGER!!)

Down you come -well done.

Moss is 15 yrs old now but still enjoys himself.

Woody can jump without any help from Tony!!

(Woody is also from RAW)

Last but not least -Sandi

Thanks to everyone who took part free of charge for RAW.

Sorry if I missed anyone out

(I didn't get a photo of Jasmine the Chihuahua -sorry!!)

Don't know the clown's name but the donkeys are Jog & Jimmy

Master of ceremonies- Tony

 Our Stalls

Hopefully you spent loads of money with these people

& went home with loads of goodies.

Joanne, Maria, Helen, Ruth & Audrey on refreshments.

Thanks to Leslie Birkinshaw's  Bakery of Darton,

Foster's bakery of Mapplewell

& Kelly's Bakery of Smithies

for donating lots of tasty goodies.

Sharon, Jacki & Louise

Debbie & Muriel (where's Sharman)

Stephen with a paddling pool of frogs.

Ann is successfully hiding behind the gazebo.

Sharron (where's Gill?)

Ben, Mel & Barney

Rita & Jim

Beryl & Sheila  (where's Aileen & the kids?)

Thanks also to the following who managed to hide from me when I was taking the photo's

- Nichola, Rob & Aaron who were brilliant on the hot dog stall,

-Sharman, Laurence & Annabelle on clothes & jam

-Avril with Ann

-Aileen & the kids on Beryl's Bargains

-Gill on Tombola

-Paul on puppies,

- Margaret our roving raffle seller,

-John the PA man,

-dog show judges Gill & Zoe

& me on dog show.

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