Summer Gala 2008

Here are some of Raw's dogs who came along to the gala with their new families

Liam with Tyler (AKA Watson- who looked like he was a terrier when he was with us

 but seems to have grown a little!!)


Spot Plum - the puppy we looked after earlier in the year.

Now called Sasha she is nearly as big as Amber the Rotty!!

She now lives with the Chambers family -another who has grown a little bit!!!
Lucy wouldn't stop still for her photo taking with Mrs Blackburn.
Tilly (was Sally) with Izzy & Vicky & Phil
Izzy's still not looking - they're also joined by Rosie
Izzy (Carrie Ann) came from Sheffield with Andrea & Robert to see us.
Stan with Mrs Gummerson came from Clayton West to see us.
Lucy ( sorry don't know any more names)
Slate with Mr Austin
Cara - another pup who has grown into a smasher. She lives with Jaffa & the Wainwrights.
Tony with Woody & Sandi (our crufts dog)

Is Izzy going to follow in Sandi's paw steps?

She received her Bronze Award at our gala. Well done Izzy & Tony!!


Izzy with the Wakefield dog obedience team.



Think I'd better join with my lot!!!


Tony was a brilliant MC ( as usual!!) & John fetches the gear so that Tony doesn't have to shout.


I did it My WAAAAAAAY!!


Maureen & Sara


 Mattie & Ken - 'could do with a cuppa'


Here's the cavalry - Jean fetches welcome refreshments.


Sharon & her Mum


Sheila - get that bric-a-brac shifted otherwise you'll have to pack it all up again!!

(Jack her dog is hiding somewhere -also wonder where Jacki's gone ??)


Rita & Jim sold loads of plants (' hurray' said Jim -I couldn't fit them all into the car)


Julie & Jan


Sharman with her jams.


Margaret was out & about selling loads of raffle tickets so this was the only picture she was in!!


Quick- Look busy, Nichola's come to collect the money!!


Dog Show



1st- Rico, 3rd -Slate, 2nd Tyler



3rd -Jointly, Mika & Max (9), 2nd - Jasmine (8), 1st -Fable (13)



3rd -Nancy, 1st-Milly, 2nd -Rosie



3rd -Jet, 1st- Charlie, 2nd- Cassie



1st-Muzzy, 2nd- Douchka, 3rd-Silka



1st - Jay, 2nd- Braddock, 3rd- Archie


Well , who do you think? I don't know who do you think?


Just kill time while they make up their minds!!


Only kidding girls!!

Thanks to Kathryn & Gill from Churchfield Vets who had the unenviable task of choosing the winners.


Fun on the bouncy slide - I didnt get time to have a go.


Time to make some new friends Molly Jean above & Princess below
Tony's on his knees now!!!
Ooh I'm bored!
Lets go make friends.
 Wonder if I'll get a treat for sitting so pretty?
Jean escaped to enter Mattie in the Golden Oldies.

Rob had time off from 'Play Your Cards Right' to enter Woody in Best Rescue as did Lee with Rosie.

( They both seem to be enjoying themselves!!)

Now the silly photo's that no-one thought I'd put on !!!


Is the burger nice David??


We can still see you Rita!!


You put yer hand on yer hip & stick yer bum out like this!!


What do you put in the jams Sharman???


Thanks :-

to the gala committe for all their hard work throughout the year.

to everyone who ran a stall (especially Helen Joanne & Ruth on refreshments helped by Anabelle & Laurence (who played his accordion & raised over £10!!!)) & Aaron who helped Rob with Play Your Cards Right 'cos I didn't get a photo of them)

to Christal Lights Majorettes - I didn't get a picture, sorry.

to Wakefield Dog Display Team who gave their time free of charge.

to Fosters Bakery of Mapplewell, Birkinshaws Bakery of Darton & Kelly's Bakery of Carlton for providing us with lots of tasty goodies to sell on the refreshments stall.

to Lupton's of Leeds for the use of the generator.

to Kathryn Kelly for giving us the autographed Coronation Street photo

to anyone who helped in any way to make our gala such a huge success.

£2000 was raised -THANK YOU!!!

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