Summer Gala 2009

Thankfully the sun shone & loads of you came to our Gala

Some of our dogs with their owners came along to see us.
Here's the ones I managed to get a photo of:-

Beth with Angie

Ellie with  Marcus & Leila

Poppy with the Forsters

Tess with Sue & Mick

Jinny with the Webbs

Jack with  Teresa

Tyler with the Blakeys
 Jethro & Kizzy with Helen

Lee fetched Lily down -here she is sporting one of our bandana's

Sandi & Izzy with Tony's legs

The Bulldog Section


Lola & Stan
Jasmine was placed in the Golden Oldies last year

Dog Show Winners

Golden Oldies
3rd - Lizzie (13 yrs) 1st - Elsa (16 yrs)  2nd- Roach

Best Rescue
2nd-Poppy  3rd -Ellie 1st- Molly

Most Appealing Eyes
1st-Belle  3rd- Tinkerbell  2nd- Toby

Waggiest Tail
2nd- Suzy-Lu 1st- Jack 3rd-Bonnie

Gorgeous Girl
3rd- Skip 1st- Nellie 2nd- Cassie

Handsome Hunk
3rd- Goose 2nd -Demon 1st Benson

Other Contenders

Skip was originally from RAW

Don't know who this is but he/she looks great in their bandana

Poppy is being really good.

Tiny isn't bothered about a crisp!

Claude & Lauren are going to Crufts next year
'Congratulations & Good Luck'

Best Rescue Contenders
Jack (being squashed!) & Mattie


Roxy (l)  Molly (r)
Rico (l)




Thanks to Kathryn & Gill of Churchfield Vets who had the herculean task of finding the winners.

Crystal Lights Majorettes

Paws 8 Flyball Team

Nicola with Foxy & Woody having a break from organising 
the Gala to show us their skills at flyball.

Go Foxy!!!

Wakefield Dog Training Club
Good Citizen Display Team

The Arrow

Tony & Izzy

Our Stalls

Thanks to everyone who came along to help.
Rita & Jim spend all year getting plants ready for the plant stall
Karen & Sheila (someone's hiding!!)

Jane & Lindsay
Sharon with Jake
Thanks to Diane Darlington of Oakwell Florists  
for donating the flowers & windchimes.
Ken & Jean (supposedly running the Tombola!!)
Mattie's found a cool place to have a little rest

Jean keeping cool!!
Crystal, Laurence & Annabel kept everyone entertained

Julie worked to transform the kids.

Jake demonstrating on his dad how the stocks work.
Thanks to Beryl & Chris for running this- don't know if they got wet.

Sara flogging the calendar,
 raffle tickets & taking dog show entries.
While Jan & Julie tested the cream teas. Mmmm- they were delicious!!

Helen & Joanne 

Audrey (pretend you can't see Helen & Joanne)
Last minute Car Park Attendants-Hilary & Marilyn
Ta girls!!

John with his sound system
testing, testing, 123
Tony badgering everyone to buy something!!
(notice the camouflage fleece)

Thanks also to Rob (didn't get your picture again!!), Jean for selling raffle tickets,
Beryl, Chris & Gill who all seemed to disappear when I was taking pictures.

Other Stalls

Hello Mum!

Jordan having a go on the football

Thanks to:-
 the Gala committee for organising a splendid Gala,
 Crystal Lights Majorettes
Wakefield Dog Training Club
Paws 8 Flyball Team
everyone who gave up their time for Royston Animal Welfare
everyone who came - hope you enjoyed your day!
& anyone I've omitted by mistake.

Many Thanks to Kelly's Bakery, Carlton, Foster's Bakery Mapplewell & 
Leslie Birkinshaw's Bakery, Darton who donated loads of goodies for the refreshments.

Also HUGE THANKS to Monckton Coke & Chemical Company for Sponsoring our Gala this year.

Right- better start thinking about next year!!!