Summer Gala 2010

We had a smashing day at our recent Gala.

Some 'old friends' dropped by to see us.

Beth or 'Miss January' with Angie.

 Bob, Libby & Ben with Amy, Joanne & Brian.

Colin with Tina & Chelsea.

Colin & Rex say hello.

Rex with Josh, Noah & Kirstine.

Ellie & Charlie with Leila & Marcus.

Emily with the Bennetts.

Jack with Bill.

Freddy & Barney.

 Jack & Jill
(made for each other!!!)

Meg (sorry didn't get any other names-please email me them!!)

 Molly with Luke and Karen

Rufus with aaarghhh!!

Rusty with Sharon, Rebecca & Pam.

Sasha & Charlie with Sue & Graham.

Rico with Annabel, Laurence & John.

 Tilly with Ellie & Kate.
Janine with Pluto & Daisy

Sid with Alan

Michaela with Blue & his son (don't know his name!)

Michaela & Jack

 Lee with Rosie & Lily

 Go on give us a lick!!!

Ellie met up again with Rosie & Lily.

Lenny looking smart in his bandana.

2 lovely bullies & a dachsie!!!

 Best Rescue
3rd -Daisy, 2nd -Trudy, 1st -Pippa

Gorgeous Girl

3rd -Kim, 1st -Mia, 2nd -Poppy

Handsome Hunk
1st-Benny, 2nd -Dexter, 3rd -Murphy

Golden Oldies
3rd-Bonnie (9yrs), 1st -Bailey (17yrs), 2nd-Elsa (17yrs)

Waggiest Tail
2nd -Tyson, 3rd- Barney, 1st- Jazz

Appealing Eyes
1st- Bibi, 3rd- Rex, 2nd-Sasha

The girls showed Rosie & Lily but they didn't win!!!
Never mind -it's the taking part that counts.

 The girls from Churchfield vets relax after a hard afternoon judging-

Thanks Gill & Kathryn

 The Entertainment

Paws 8 Flyball Team

Just learning

Ooooh- when's it my turn?

The men with the balls (sorry!!)
 Only 3 legs -not a problem!!
Go Foxy!!!

Crystal Lights Majorettes

Wakefield Dog Obedience Team

Obviously something very interesting going off over there!

Sandi with Tony

Just had to put this picture in !!!!

The Volunteers

Oscar sold lots of raffle tickets but 
Bev & Jonathon had to write the names on the stubs for him!!

Annabel & Ruth
Joanne & Ann
 (Helen hid she saw me coming with the camera)
Jean & Ken
Jean & Emma
(Jamie had also hidden but I got him in the dog show with Tyson)
Rita & Jim


 Just a little something to keep our strength up!!!

Hilary & Marilyn

The Other Charity stalls
Sorry-I didn't get photo's of everyone

 Many Thanks to Monckton Coke & Chemical Company who sponsored our Gala again this year,
to Kelly's Bakery of Carlton, Fosters Bakery of Mapplewell, GV Jones Bakery of Royston & 
Ann for the wonderful donations for our refreshments,
to John for kindly fetching his PA system again,
to Tony for keeping us all entertained & informed,
to Gill & Kathryn for judging the dog show
& to all you wonderful people who came & spent lots of money for a very good cause!! 

& anyone else I've forgot!!!
We took £1900 -Thank You
See You All Next Year