Summer Gala 2011

Well Thanks to everyone for coming along & making our 2011 Summer Gala such a success.
The Chronicle missed out our advert so we were worried that no-one would turn up, but plenty of you did.
The sun didn't really make an appearance & luckily so didn't the rain.
It was lovely to see some of our adopted dogs -they all looked so well!!
And lovely to see so many supporters of RAW We couldn't do it without you!!

The Dog Show was well attended & Gill & Karen had really hard task of picking out winners.
(Gill tells me every year that she can't do it any more 'cos she wants to pick them all!!)
Here's the photo's:_

Dog Show Winners

Class 1 -Waggiest Tail

Come on -sort yourselves out!!!

Right-look at me!
Nearly there!!!

That'll have to do!!!!

1st -Sasha  2nd -Rosie  3rd- Kelly  4th -Bibi

Class 2 - Most Appealing Eyes
That's better -except for Jodie looking the wrong way!!

1st -Coco  2nd Jodie  3rd -Bob 4th-Rex 

Class 3 -Handsome Hunk
Come on boys -stand still. 

1st -Doc  2nd -Nelson  3rd -Barney 4th-Lonzo

Class 4 - Gorgeous Girl

Trust the girls - this is how to do it!!!

1st -Mia  2nd Princess  3rd -Bronte 4th-Bindi
Class 5 - Golden Oldies
some of the entries:-

And the winners are:-

1st -Murphy (15)  2nd Brock (13)  3rd -Mattie (12) 4th-Poppy (11 1/2) 

Class 6 - Best Rescue
some of the entries:-

Karen & Gill had the very hard task of judging.

And the winners are:-

here we go again!!!


1st -Tyler  2nd- Maisie  3rd -Murphy 4th-Riley

Many Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.

Louise, Tony & Sharon

Jean & Andrew

Rita & Jim

Kathy & Bev


Hilary & Marilyn -taking a break from car parking duties


Gill & Helen



Sonia & Ruth

What's James hiding behind his back?


Lisa & Donna on raffle tickets
Karen & Neil on micro chipping

Jan & Sharon with Jean

Julie & James

Annabel, Laurence & their friends entertained.

Time to pack away-where's everyone gone!!!

Here are the ex-Raw dogs who came to see us.

Tony with Sid

Graham , Joan & Susan with Sasha & Charlie

Henry & Phoebe

Dawn, Adam, Aaron Keighley & Madison with Poppy

Jacki & Colin with Charlie

Marcus & Sarah with Ellie & Charlie

Liam with Tyler

Can I have a bit please?
I'll give you a paw.

No It's mine!!!

DAAAD-he won't share!!!!

Tracy, Chris Logan & Ty with Ludo

Joanne & Brian with Bob

John with Paddy

Kathrine, Amelia, Adam & Maia with Rosie

Katie with Holly

Paula & Ian with Rufus

Bailey was with 3 rescues before he found a home with this lady
-sorry I didn't get your name!!
(Doris Banham, RAW & Barc were all involved with saving Bailey.
It's great when rescues work together)

Ryan with Anoushka & Nakoda
(yes I've had to check the spellings out)

Mattie- 'Is it time to go home? -I'm pooped'

Many Thanks to:-
 Kelly's Bakery of Carlton, Fosters Bakery of Mapplewell, GV Jones Bakery of Royston & 
to all the individuals too numerous to name, for the wonderful donations for our refreshments,
to Tony for keeping us all entertained & informed,
the lads & lasses who fetched the sound system.
to Gill & Karen for judging the dog show
to the Majorette's & the Dog Display Team -sorry I didn't get any photo's
& to all you wonderful people who came & spent lots of money for a very good cause!! 

& anyone else I've forgot!!!
We took £2000 -Thank You
See You All Next Year

Raffle results

1st prize -£100    1576

2nd prize-£50   320

3rd prize - £25  807

4th Prize –Bottle of Pimms   386

5th prize – Willow Flower shop voucher 248

6th prize –Dog Hamper 1994

7th prize –Baileys & Basket   007

8th prize –Bath Set 817

9th prize –Half bottle of vodka   507    

10th prize –Bottle of Cava     846

11th prize Bottle of wine 1747

12th prize Bottle of Lambrini 1626

13th prize- toiletries bag 554