Dogs for Adoption

Dogs in need of loving new homes.

We do not have premises in Royston

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Adoption Process
  • Step 1: If you see a dog you like then please make an appointment to meet them.
  • Step 2: Once you have met and decided to adopt a dog a home check will be arranged.
  • Step 3: Once your home check has passed the adoption is then completed and you can pick up your new family member!
Fees & What's Included

Our adoption fees are £125 for dogs and £65 for cats.
All dogs are:
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Neutered
  • Wormed
  • Come with 4 weeks free insurance

If any of the above are not complete upon adoption vouchers covering their full cost will be issued. The adoption fee covers some of these vet costs - the rest is covered by fund raising.

Adoption Requirements
  • A part of your garden must be enclosed and secure. A minimum 4ft fence/wall is required, depending on the size and nature of the dog this may be higher.
  • Dogs can not be left on their own for more than 5 hours on a regular basis.
  • Dogs must not be left to sleep outside at night or during the winter.
  • If we know a dog is friendly with cats this will be specified below. If this is not specified then the dog will not to be re-homed with cats.

All our dogs are regularly walked by our band of volunteers!!


Danni is a lovely girl who was picked up as a stray. We think she is about 2 years old.
She isn't used to walking on a lead so is a little reluctant at first but we're sure she'll be ok after a couple of outings with our walkers!!
She is really a sweet thing & will make someone a loving companion.
She hasn't much of a tail so she wags her back end!!!

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271


Sara is a friendly, outgoing girl who was picked up as a stray.We think she may be about 3 years of age.
She travelled well in the car & was very good in the vets.
As you can see from the photo, she likes standing on her back legs for a fuss.

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271

Please don't overlook Missy- her photos just don't do her justice!!!!

 Why has no-one been to see me????

Missy is about 9 months old (could be younger) & has just been saved from the stray pound -we don't know any of her history.
She is a lovely Chocolate brown colour- as you can see from the photo of her in the sun- and lovely hazel eyes..
So, we think she must have some Chocolate Lab in the mix plus possibly some Staffy!!
She is a very fussy, friendly girl & was really good in the vets.
She wasn't too sure of the car so we think she may not have been used to going in the car & will need some training in this.
Update- Missy went to the vets for her 2nd Vac today & although reluctant to get in the car was very good when in.
Missy can now be walked. She is an absolute 'joy' -she has a smashing temperament. 
Missy is very loving & will make a smashing companion for a lucky family- could it be yours??

 Please consider a Staffy or Staffy cross when looking to adopt a dog,

They are always overlooked due to negative portrayal and due to this sad fact many are left behind in rescues and the stray kennels.

 Despite misconceptions the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a loyal, loving and reliable breed.

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271


Faith has just come into our care from the stray pound.
She is a crossbreed girl who hasn't been well looked after, poor lass.
She looks as though she's had pups & has some sores on her legs & tail which we think is from laying on concrete & not having much bedding.
Despite this Faith is such a loving girl. She's naturally a little nervous on first introductions but is soon wagging her tail & is your friend for life for a biscuit!
Faith is about 12-18 months of age .
She really deserves a warm fireside & a loving family to care for her for the rest of her life.
Could this be you?

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271


 Jennifer is a young crossbreed who came to us with her sister after being dumped.
She is very friendly & very energetic, so needs an active family.
She is smaller that the photos suggest -& its very hard to get a photo of her still!!!
We are looking for a home with older children who can give Jenny her space & time to get settled.
(she is till very young so will need plenty of sleep!!)

We don't know why Jenny is still here-she is only 6 months old & just wants to be loved!!!
 Have you room in your life for Jenny?

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271


Daisy is a very cute 2.5 year old Terrier cross.
She is very lively and will need lots of exercise.
Daisy is not a fan of some dogs and so she needs to be the only pet in her new home.
While Daisy is cute and tiny she is a dominant dog and will require new owners with past dog experience who are prepared to train her.
As she is dominant (wants to be in charge) we are looking for a home without children.
We will support whom ever adopts Daisy with training and we are confident that with boundaries in place she will make a fantastic companion and best friend.
She is gorgeous - can you give her the structured home she needs??

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271


Sonny was a little hot on his walk!!!

 Sonny is about 18 -24 months old & came to us from the stray pound where his time was up.
He is a very friendly boy who knows sit & paw.
He jumped straight in the car & was very well behaved in the vets.
He has a patch on his nose where we think he has rubbed it at some time in the past.
Sonny walks well on the lead but does want to play -he needs a family who will give him lots of walks
& who he can give lots of love to!!!

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271


 Stanley is about 12 -18 months old & came to us from the stray pound where his time was up.
He is a very friendly boy who likes to lean on you when sitting.
He is obviously used to journeying in the car as he jumped straight in & settled down. 

For more information please leave a message & phone number on 01226 298271

Advice & Training

Adopting a Rescue Dog Front Cover
This free book guides you through the first seven days of Adopting a Shelter Dog. With seven simple lessons, the book helps you ease the transition from shelter life to home life for you and your pup. You can download your copy here.

We recommend the services of our dog trainer
Janice Jackson who has helped out on numerous occasions with advice & help  Janice's number is-    01226 382394      or 07711937012.
Please do not ring Janice if you are wanting advice on adopting or asking us to take in an animal


Dogs not in rescue that are looking for new homes.
Please note - RAW are not responsible for the content of this advert . 
Do not contact RAW . Contact details included in the write up.

Our good friends at BADAW have had 5 year old Frankie for a while now -hes a perfect lad & they cant understand why he's overlooked.
Please give them a ring - lets find Frankie his forever home!!! 01226 388764

Beautiful lurcher Jim needs a new home. Jim is well behaved with a gentle nature, house trained, on a sensitive food diet and doesn't like cats. He is 25kg. Jim loves to run in the park.

He is OK with other dogs and with most loves a chase. Jim can get shy and a little nervous round more dominant dogs however. Jim is good on a lead although will pull if he sees a cat! His recall is OK and he is fine off the lead as long as in a safe place, his owners tend to stick to parks and open grass rather than dense woodland or he will want to chase squirrels.

Jim is housetrained and OK to be left alone for a few hours (4-5 hours is ok). Jim is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

He is a lovely and gentle dog and very well behaved in the house- never barks and is generally a couch potato. He loves cuddles and his owners get lots of compliments on how handsome he is!

If you may be able to give Jim a new home, please ring his owner Rachel on 07718992215. Jim is in Sheffield.