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Dogs in need of loving new homes.

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Adoption Process
  • Step 1: If you see a dog you like then please make an appointment to meet them.
  • Step 2: Once you have met and decided to adopt a dog a home check will be arranged.
  • Step 3: Once your home check has passed the adoption is then completed and you can pick up your new family member!
Fees & What's Included

Our adoption fees are £130 for dogs and £65 for cats.
All dogs are:
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Neutered
  • Wormed
  • Come with 4 weeks free insurance

If any of the above are not complete upon adoption vouchers covering their full cost will be issued. The adoption fee covers some of these vet costs - the rest is covered by fund raising.

Adoption Requirements
  • A part of your garden must be enclosed and secure. A minimum 4ft fence/wall is required, depending on the size and nature of the dog this may be higher.
  • Dogs can not be left on their own for more than 5 hours on a regular basis.
  • Dogs must not be left to sleep outside at night or during the winter.
  • If we know a dog is friendly with cats this will be specified below. If this is not specified then the dog will not be re-homed with cats.

All our dogs are regularly walked by our band of volunteers!!


Ted has come from the stray pound where his time was up.
He is a Staffy x of about 12 months of age.
He jumped straight into the car to go to the vets & wanted to fuss everyone there!!
Ted could learn a few manners on the lead- he is very strong so will need an owner who can handle him.
Update- Janice, our trainer has been working with Ted & our volunteers & Ted is getting much better on the lead.
( He looks really cute with one ear up & one down..  plus the longest tongue in the world!!!)

This is what Michael, one of our walkers has to say about Ted-
I got to meet Teddy the smiley staffy at the kennels today.
Teddy is a very energetic lad and decided he was talking me for a walk today rather than the other way around.
 Like all good staffys Teddy will cover you in mud whilst offering staffy kisses or try to sit on your lap
 ready for staffy snuggles because that's just how he rolls!
Update- Teddy is learning not to pull on his lead and is doing very well!!!

Teddy recently had a day out in the Peak district with 2 of our volunteers.

Please consider a Staffy or Staffy cross when looking to adopt a dog.
They are always overlooked due to negative portrayal and due to this sad fact many are left behind in rescues and the stray kennels. 
Despite misconceptions the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a loyal, loving and reliable breed.

To request an appointment to see this dog please click here.


Chester is a crossbreed of approximately 18 months old.
Sadly Chester has not had a good start in life and was recently physically abused by a man with a stick which has resulted in him being nervous of some men until he gets to know them.
Chester is brilliant with females and fabulous with men he knows once they have gained his trust.
Due to this Chester would need a quiet home with no children or other pets.
Please do not be put off by this description Chester genuinely is a fantastic dog who will make the right owners a loving, lifelong companion.

To request an appointment to see this dog please click here.


Blade is a JRT of about 7 years of age.
Blade will need a new owner with lots of experience with dogs .....and preferably Jack Russell's!!
Blade wants to be top dog in the home so we would need someone with patience to teach him some manners.
Janice, our trainer will be available to assist any new owners.
But please don't be put off by the description as he can be a very loving , friendly chap but does seem to not like certain dogs.
Blade would probably be best as an only dog as when he lived with 2 other dogs he needed to be the top dog.
Can you provide the stable home life that Blade needs?

To request an appointment to see this dog please click here.



Timmy is a small, 8 year old JRT who was initially brought into the pound as his owner had died.
In his new home he was a very dominant boy so has been returned....
he will need a strong owner who can show Timmy his boundaries and not give in to his stubbornness.
We are looking for a home with no children or older teenagers.
Poor Timmy's world has been turned upside down - can you give him the stability he requires.
We will offer the services of a trainer to help Timmy settle with his new family.



Bertie is a lurcher around 3-4 years old. He is very energetic and playful!
He is good with other dogs and children although due to his size
and very lively and bouncy nature would be better suited to a family with older children.
He is a very loving dog who loves attention from everyone!
He is a very quick learner and knows most basic commands
like sit, lie down, paw, stay etc and will do pretty much anything for a treat.
 He is fully house trained and loves his toys, he'll play fetch with you all day long!
Bertie loves to run and so requires someone with plenty of time to walk him.

Bertie is not in our kennels but in a foster home so contact
07874 945 689
to arrange a visit.


Sonny is a 3 year old SBT X
Sonny is a lovely boy and is a big bundle of energy.
He enjoys long walks with our volunteer walkers, one of whom takes him home sometimes
to give him a break from the kennels.
Due to his energetic nature we would be looking for a home where any children
would need to have reached teenage years.
We are aware that when in a home Sonny is calm, quiet & quick
 to learn new commands.
Sonny has been waiting patiently for his new home & will make a loving, loyal pet.

Please consider a Staffy or Staffy cross when looking to adopt a dog.
They are always overlooked due to negative portrayal and due to this sad fact many are left behind in rescues and the stray kennels. 
Despite misconceptions the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a loyal, loving and reliable breed.

The six puppies below are five months old and are all siblings.
The photos don't do them justice as some were taken in the vets where they were a bit apprehensive.
They all will require lead training but are very food orientated so we don't think this will be a problem.
They are all really friendly, when they overcome their initial shyness.
They seem to be collie crosses, but not sure how big they will grow.
Cosmo is the biggest, Rio is the shyest and Dorothy is the most outgoing- she was really excited in the vets!
 The only problem you'll have is choosing the one to adopt!!! They are all adorable.


We all travelled well in the van to the vets and back.


Advice & Training

Adopting a Rescue Dog Front Cover
This free book guides you through the first seven days of Adopting a Shelter Dog. With seven simple lessons, the book helps you ease the transition from shelter life to home life for you and your pup. You can download your copy here.

We recommend the services of our dog trainer
Janice Jackson who has helped out on numerous occasions with advice & help  Janice's number is-    01226 382394      or 07711937012.
Please do not ring Janice if you are wanting advice on adopting or asking us to take in an animal


Dogs not in rescue that are looking for new homes.
Please note - RAW are not responsible for the content of these adverts .
Do not contact RAW . Contact details included in the write up.

Please see below profile with attached photos of Megan as discussed . My contact number is 07816325965 and can be emailed on 



Thank you for looking at my profile my name is Megan I am a Cross Border Collie with a bit of Greyhound and Whippet in me. I am 9 years of age and was born on the 11th May 2007. I am currently in very good health and am fully house trained and a very sociable and friendly dog who likes to spend time with my owner and can get on well with other dogs.  I enjoy long walks and running off the lead chasing my ball and retrieving  this and throwing it back to my owner especially in the countryside. I also enjoy trips to the seaside and like to play on the beach or sea however I’m not a big swimmer. At home when I’m not resting in my basket I like to play with my soft toys.


I like to eat a dry mix chicken dog food with tender meaty chunks sometimes mixed with mini Cesar country kitchen special selection fillets twice each day. I enjoy treats such as denture sticks and dog biscuits bit partial to a little bit of fish or chicken when going spare.


As I am a Border collie I’m a sensitive creature therefore don’t like lots of noise my dislikes includes raised voices, Vacuum cleaners, excessive banging through DIY tasks or shotgun fire and thunder and lightning.  However despite these issues I will provide my new owner with lots of love, affection and companionship for years to come. My ideal owner would be someone who has plenty of time to spare and enjoys the outdoors and lots of walks.