Dogs for Adoption

Dogs in need of loving new homes

Fees and what's included
Our adoption fee for dogs is £150.  
All our dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, wormed and come with 4 weeks free pet insurance
If any of the above are not complete upon adoption then vouchers will be issued

Adoption Requirements
A part of your garden must be enclosed and secure. A minimum 4ft fence/wall is required
We DON'T rehome to families with children under the age of 5 as most of our dogs are strays and we don't know their history
Dogs can not be left on their own for more than 5 hours on a regular basis
Dogs must not be left to sleep outside at night or during the winter
If we know a dog is friendly with cats this will be specified below. If this is not specified then the dog will not be re-homed with cats

Adoption Process
If you see a dog you like then please make an appointment to meet them
Once you have met and decided to adopt a dog a home check will be arranged
Once your home check has passed the adoption is then completed and you can pick up your new family member!

For more info on any of our dogs please email

up for adoption
Meet 'Little old man Sam'.  Sam is a gorgeous little staffie boy and is 10 years old.  He is your typical super friendly staffie that just loves to be with you.  He's a really calm older boy and walks lovely on his lead.  Don't let his age fool you, this boy has bags of energy, you'd think he was a much younger dog.  He seems to be okay with other dogs but can be choosy.  He could live with older children.  Sam really shouldn't be in kennels at his age, he really does deserve to find his loving forever home.  If you think you can offer Sam the loving home he deserves then please get in touch using the link below.  

up for adoption
Meet new boy Luke.  
 Luke is a 3 year old ex racing greyhound.  He is a very loving and laid back gentle boy.  He walks brilliantly on his lead and loves his cuddles.  He loves everyone he meets and is going to make that lucky someone a really loyal and loving boy.


up for adoption
Meet little 'Mimi'. 
 Mimi is a 4 year old adorable little staffie cross girl and has come to us from the stray kennels.  Unfortunately Mimi has been returned to us after a week in her new home due to getting over excited over a toy which resulted in her playbiting a bit too hard !!  Due to this we are now looking for a home with an experienced owner, and ideally some experience of dealing with dogs that can get over excited.  She walks nicely on her lead and gets along well with other dogs but is looking for a home as an only dog as she likes all the attention.  No children due to her tendency to get over excited.  If you think you can offer what little 'Mimi' is looking for then please get in touch.  

Meet our gorgeous new greyhound 'Jeannie'. 
 Jeannie is a 4 year old ex racing greyhound and she is an absolute superstar.  She's super friendly and very loving.  She walks brilliant on her lead and loves being out and about.  She wags her tail at everyone and everything she meets and she always has a smile on her face, she really is a lovely girl.  Jeannie will make that lucky someone a lovely, loyal companion.

Meet our beautiful 'Tiny Tim'. 
  Tiny Tim is an approx 3 year old yorkshire terrier x.  He has been living on the streets for a while and is an absolute nervous wreck.  We think he has probably suffered at the hands of a previous owner or while on the streets as he flinches and doesn't like being touched but he loves spending time with you.  Tiny Tim is looking for a home as an only pet and with someone who is around a lot of the time as he is going to need a lot of tlc to help bring him on and show him that not all people are bad.  If you think you can give Tiny Tim the loving home that he deserves that meets the above criteria then please get in touch using the link below.

Meet our gorgeous new greyhound 'Jim'.
  Jim is a 3 year old ex racing greyhound and he is an absolute stunner.  He's super friendly, loves to be out and about with you and he loves everything and everybody he meets.  He's got real character this boy and always puts a smile on your face.  He really is a gorgeous boy.

Meet little 'Mikey'. 
  Mikey is a lovely little 8 year old shih tzu x there may be a bit of lhasa apso in there as well.  Mikey is looking for a home due to a change in his families circumstances.  He's a lovely little thing and loves his cuddles once he has got to know you.  He loves to potter around with you and he walks really lovely on his lead.  Mikey is looking for a home as an only pet and no children as he likes all the attention to himself.

Mikey isn't in kennels so to arrange to come and see him please email

Meet gorgeous new girl 'Anna', our very own little orphan Annie. 
Anna, affectionately known as 'Anna banana' is a 6 year old super sweet staffie cross and she is absolutely adorable.  She has come to us from the stray kennels and had a limp on arrival which upon further investigation was found to be a ruptured cruciate ligament which she has just had surgery for.  She is now on daily short walks to get the leg built back up, so for this reason she is looking for a home with no children or dogs as she needs keeping calm.  She is so sweet and gentle and loves her cuddles, she really does deserve the best.  She LOVES people and is very calm and laid back.  She seems to be great with other dogs.  She does pull on the lead so will need a bit of lead training but other than that she's going to make someone a fantastic, loyal dog. 

Meet 'Pinky the dinky little staffie'.  Pinky is a lovely little staffie cross boy and is 6 years old.  He is your typical super friendly staffie that just LOVES to be with you, he loves his cuddles and to throw his paws around your neck for kisses.  He walks really well on his lead but can pull and he loves been out and about.  He is okay with some dogs but can be choosy so for this reason needs a home as an only pet.  He is brilliant with children.  

Unfortunately 'Benji', affectionately known as Benjamin Button has been returned to us so he is looking for a home again.
  Benji originally came to us from the stray kennels, he is around 2 years old and is a jack russell terrier cross.  This boy's tail never stops wagging, he is super friendly and affectionate, he really is a lovely boy and loves everything and everybody he meets.  The only reason he was returned to us was because he was a bit too strong on the lead for the lady who adopted him but if he's walked on a harness and double lead as we recommended, he is no problem at all.  Benji is a typical JRT and does need someone who will be firm with him and show him some boundaries.  He is GREAT with other dogs and could quite happily live with another dog but older children only as he can be a bit boisterous. 

For more info on any of our dogs please email

If you are having problems or just need a little advice on training your dog we recommend
Janice Jackson        01226 382394  or   07711937012
Please do not ring Janice for anything other than help with training your dog !!!

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