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Our adoption fee for cats is £70. All our cats are Vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flea and wormed and also
come with 4 weeks free insurance.
We carry out a home check before any adoption or ask for a vet reference.

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telephone 07874945689


Lolly is an all black little lady of 2 years old.  She is a  little nervous around new situations and finds some things a little overwhelming. We are looking for a special person to help her overcome worries and work with her towards a more chilled out approach to life.  She wants attention and a fuss but when is given it shes not sure how to react and gets overstimulated leading sometimes to a swipe now and again.  We think this is because she may have been taken away from her mum too early or may have been just left to her own devices in her previous home. Lolly really doesn't like other cats, she seems scared of them and would be no good around dogs or children either.  She needs an experienced cat owner who has the patience to wait for her to settle in her own time and will work with her to reassure her lifes good now!  Please get in touch if you fit the bill, we at RAW have everything crossed the perfect person for Lolly is out there!

phone 07874945689 

Tilly is a beautiful tabby girl of aprox 12 years young.  She came back to RAW when her owner of 10 years became allergic to her .  We thought we had secured her another forever home but it was not to be, she came back after 2 days, she wants to be given a chance to settle.  Tilly is a little timid when she doesnt know you but when youve gained her trust she loves a fuss and a tickle as much as the next cat.  We are looking for a patient and understanding owner for Tilly who is prepared to let her come round in her own time.  We think Tilly would do best in a home with a lady owner as thats what she has been used to all her life, she would like to be an only pet too  as she deserves all the love and affection to herself. Please dont write this girl off because of her age, she has plenty of life in her and lots of love to give.  Please get in touch if you can offer Tilly a loving home in which to spend her semi-retirement in.

phone 07874945689


Fluffy is RAW's latest senior kitizen.  We estimate she is between 7 and 10 years old and has been a stray for a while.  Shes very friendly and loving the fact shes getting regular meals and treats  now shes safe !.   She lives up to her name and is a long haired floofball.  She keeps her fur in tip top condition herself but may need grooming too just to make sure her floof doesnt get matted.Fluffy is not keen on other cats and would  be best in a family with older children ( teens and up )    At the minute shes underweight and needs TLC and  " feeding up "  RAW has had blood tests done and all have come back clear, so decent, regular food and love is what  she needs now.  Can you give Fluffy the care and attention she needs in her semi-retirement years.
phone 07874945689

Jasper is a beautiful black and white chap of 6 years old.  He came to us with his brother Otto after his previous owners moved out and left them to fend for themselves on the mean streets of Doncaster. Jasper is very affectionate and curious he likes a fuss and a cuddle. We would love these 2 to be rehomed together as they seem to like each others company ( reduced adoption fee will apply)  Jasper grooms Otto and they like to sleep together too.  We think they would be ok with other cats but aren't sure about dogs. They would be fine with children also.  Can you squeeze these 2 into your family?  They will pay you back 10 fold with snuggles and kisses.

phone 07874945689

OTTO (brother to Jasper)
Otto is a stunning grey and white chap of 6 years old.  He came in with his brother Jasper after being abandoned when his previous owners moved out and left him and his bro!  He is a little shyer than his brother Jasper but it doesn't take him long to work out where the snuggles are coming from and he's definitely up for that!  Otto is fine with other cats but we aren't sure how he would be with dogs.  We would ideally like these 2 to go as a pair ( reduced adoption fee will apply) as they seem quite bonded.  Can you make room in your household for these 2 wonderful brothers?

phone 07874945689


If you adopt a cat or Kitten from RAW then you may be interested in our Cat Starter Kits.  For only £10 Raw can supply a Bed, 4 toys, 2 bowls, 2 pks of treats and 3 days worth of the food your new arrival has been having whilst in our care.  See below for examples ( beds and bowls may vary )  From time to time we also have cat carriers and scratching posts available at £5 each, PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS. Cheaper than a pet store and all the funds go to RAW !

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