Cats for Adoption

Cats in need of loving new homes in the Barnsley, South Yorkshire area 


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Little Miss is a    beautiful girl of approx 1-year-old.  She is mum to the flower babies who have just found their new homes, so Little Miss is ready to rest and shine herself.  She's only young herself, she's full of life and absolutely adores company and attention. We aren't sure how she would be with other pets but we think she would be fine with older children who would show her affection and how to be a  young cat!  Can you offer Little Miss a home to call her own? 


Raven is an all-black little live wire of approx 1 yr old. She's super adorable,  very active, and loves to be the center of everything that's going on.  She has lived with other cats for a little while but proved too much for the oldies to keep up with, we think she will be fine with children of any age who could keep up with her cheeky antics and provide lots of playtimes. Could Raven possibly get up to mischief at your home this spring? 


Jasper is a very handsome, semi-long-haired tabby chap of approx  3 years old.  He's spent some time as a stray so can be a bit wary of people when he first meets them, until he gets to know them and discovers they only want to love this floofy boy.  He is ok with other cats and would be best suited to a quiet home with someone who will take the time to let him come around in his own time.  He's worth the effort he's a lovely boy and deserves the best forever home  


May is a gorgeous tabby lady of approx. 2 years old.  She is affectionate and calm and very laid back.  We aren't sure how she would be with other pets but she does seem to take everything in her stride,  she just loves a lap to snuggle up on!  May would be fine with older children and would make the perfect companion for anyone looking for a feline friend. 


Katie is a beautiful black and white girl of approx 1-year-old.  She's very sociable and loves a fuss and attention. She would also do just about anything for a dreamie!  We aren't sure how Katie would be with other cats but she seems to get on fine with a cat-friendly dog.  Katie would be fine with older children who have the time to play and interact with her.  Can you offer this little lady the home she so deserves. 


April is a gorgeous white and black little lady of approx 2 yrs old.  She's super friendly and loves to interact and play with her human besties.  She's not keen on other cats or dogs as she loves to be the center of attentionHowever, she would be perfect for a young family due to her sweet and loving nature.  Can you offer April a place to call her own this spring? 


Dustin( male tabby and white ) & Ele (  female black)  are brother and sister 2 years old.  They are both very friendly, sweet-natured cats who get on well together.  They have come back to RAW as their previous owner is ill and can't look after them anymore.  Ele is the more confident little lady, she loves to go out and explore but is never far away from her bro Dustin who prefers to stay indoors mostly living the life of luxury!  Both cats have lived with a cat-friendly spaniel and are used to older children too.  Can you offer Dustin and Ele a new start with a loving family? please get in touch.   (reduced adoptions fee applies £120 for both) 


These are available from RAW and comprise of the following - a cat bed,  3 bowls,  4 toys 2 packets of treats, and 3 days' worth of cat food your new best friend has been having whilst with our foster. All proceeds go straight back to the other cats in our care,  so you will be helping even more furies ( and it's cheaper than the pet store ! ) Beds, bowls, etc may vary. 


or phone 07874945689

CAT CARRIERS £5 each  

Carriers for your new pet are always available to buy from RAW, all in very good, secure condition. Styles may vary. All proceeds go back into saving the cats remaining in our care.


or Phone 07874945689