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Nev is a handsome chap of 10 weeks old. He is a little shy but still loves to play and run around with his littermates, they have all got homes to go to and ickle Nev is the last one. He would be fine with other cats but would like a home with older children or adults only as he needs to be reassured everything is ok sometimes. Can you offer this cheeky chappy a secure future with your family?.


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Sweet and Sassy are 2 little house panthers 13 weeks old ( 3.7.2022). Little Sassy is a very confident, bright, and playful baby; her sister Sweet is a little shy and looks to her sister for reassurance. Once she's comfortable with her surroundings Sweet is also playful and attentive.

They need to stay together as they're very bonded and Sweet relies on her sister to teach her that this world ain't all that scary. Both girls love other cats but aren't used to dogs or children.

Are you that special family? Can you give these girls the home they deserve? A reduced adoption fee (£120 for both) applies as they need to go together.



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Charlie is a cheeky chap of approx 9 months old. He is super friendly and affectionate and loves nothing more than to be with his human, and have a good fuss and a snuggle. He gets on well with other cats and would also be fine with children. Charlie loves to play and interact so would be the perfect addition to any family Can you offer Charlie a new beginning with a family who adores him.


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Betsy is a gorgeous girl of approx 4 years old. She is very affectionate, and loving and likes you to know she's ready for a fuss anytime your available!. We aren't sure if she has ever lived with other pets but we are sure she likes the company of humankind! She would make a perfect companion for any family. Betsy would love a family to call her own, could this be you?


Please meet our "Stranger" kittens ! 2 girls Max & Robin.. 3 boys Eddie, Steve and of course Hopper. They are all 7 weeks old this week and so will be available for adoption in approx 3 weeks after their first vaccination and microchip. They are all very friendly and sociable and all love to play and explore just like little kittens should. We are hoping to rehome in pairs as they all get on together and will benefit from each other's company. Please get in touch to reserve if you have room in your heart for our little house panthers. Who could resist, they are soooo cute. A Reduced adoption fee applies for a pair ( £120)


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Ruby is a very pretty girl of 2 years old ( she's Daisy's mum). She's very sociable, affectionate, and loving . She is used to living with another cat ( daisy, her daughter ) so with proper controlled introductions, another feline friend shouldn't be a problem for Ruby. Ruby would be fine with children as she's quite placid but will enjoy playtimes and a good fuss! Ruby can be rehomed with Daisy (reduced adoption fee will apply ) or on her own as although they get on well they don't seem particularly bonded. Can you open your heart to Ruby, our little gem!



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Kitty is a very pretty white and black semi -long haired floofball of approx 2 years old. She is a little shy at the minute and unsure of her surroundings but once she trusts her bestie she is friendly and loveable. She absolutely adores the company of other cats and has got on with every feline at her current foster home. She is not used to dogs and would like a home without children too due to her shy nature. Kitty's ideal bestie will have the patience to let her come round in her own time because when she does, she will shine!