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Polly is a beautiful little lady approx 9 months old. She is very friendly and affectionate and just loves fuss and cuddles! She was born with a defective eye but can see perfectly well through the other, we also think she is deaf, so Polly is looking for an indoor-only home although she is used to walking in a harness for the occasional trip in the garden. We aren't sure what she's like with other pets but think she will be fine with children who know how to interact and play with her safely. Can you offer little Polly Pocket a new loving family environment she's waiting for?

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Kitty is a very pretty white and black semi -long haired floofball of approx 2 years old. She is a little shy at the minute and unsure of her surroundings but once she trusts her bestie she is friendly and loveable. She absolutely adores the company of other cats and has got on with every feline at her current foster home. She is not used to dogs and would like a home without children too due to her shy nature. Kitty's ideal bestie will have the patience to let her come round in her own time because when she does, she will shine!

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Sweet and Sassy are 2 little house panthers of 9 weeks old ( 4.6.2022). Little Sassy is a very confident. bright and playful baby but her sister Sweet is a little different. she's very scared at the moment and not very confident around people she doesn't know, but she's also very playful and very sweet ( when she thinks no one is watching !.. she tries to follow her sister when she's getting attention x

They will ideally need a very patient and special home. Someone with cat/ kitten experience would be best. They need to stay together as they're very bonded and Sweet relies on her sister to teach her that this world isn't all that scary. All little Sweet needs is time and patience.. she'll need someone at home most of the time .. no children or dogs .. but she loves cats so that's not an issue.

Are you that special family? Can you give these girls the home they deserve? A reduced adoption fee applies as they need to go together.

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Toby is a handsome chap of approx 7 years old. He really is the perfect gent! He's laid back and placid but loves to play enthusiastically with his toys too. He's very friendly, confident and sociable. Toby was left to fend for himself when his owners moved away and abandoned him. This has not made him bitter though , he loves everyone! He's brilliant with other cats and would possibly be ok with a cat friendly dog if introduced correctly. He would be fine with kids of any age as he's a big softie at heart. Do you have a Toby shaped hole in your life he would make the perfect companion

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Porgy is a stunning "Bengal "gent of 9 years old. He is super affectionate, friendly, and just loves human company, he loves to play with his toys. He's very chatty and likes to let you know all about the exciting day he's had! Porgy lived in a rural area so would ideally like a quiet area with no busy roads so he can have access to a garden and outside spaces safely. Porgy isn't keen on other cats and as far as we know has never lived with dogs, he loves the limelight and attention all to himself! Can you offer this beautiful chap a loving home?

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Peggy is a gorgeous tabby girl of apProx 2 years old. She is super friendly, very affectionate, and loves a snuggle with her human bestie. She is fine with other cats and the lady who has been feeding her said she wasn't phased by her dogs so, with the proper introductions, a cat friendly dog should be no problem for petite little Peggy. We think she would be ok with older children too as she is confident and sociable. Do you have room in your life for princess Peggy?

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Mini is a beautiful tortie and white little lady of approx 5 months old. She is a little shy at the minute as she's just been separated from her mum and she's getting used to life on her own. Her previous owner says she is friendly and playful when she gets to know you. She is used to living with her mum but not dogs and we think she would be ok with older children who can show her life's not that scary and how good it is to have a bestie to play with?. Could you offer Mini a new and bright future?