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Cats in need of loving new homes in the Barnsley, South Yorkshire area 


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Vincent is a handsome chap of about 3 years old. He is very friendly and attentive towards his human besties but he's a bit picky about his feline companions, some he likes, others he doesn't!  just like us humans really! He's full of character and his boz eyes just add to his charm.  Vincent would be happy with older children who would pander to his every need. He likes a little tootle outside but isn't a wanderer, he loves his home comforts too much now after a life on the streets. Can you offer Vincent a lap to snuggle on?  


Ozzy is a very handsome tabby and white gent of  5 yrs old.  He's very affectionate towards his humans and will happily sit on your knee for a snuggle .  Ozzy is fine with dogs and even chickens but does not like to share his space with other cats,  he likes to be top cat!  He is fine used to living with children too and likes to interact with them.  He   would enjoy a garden in which to explore and spend his days sunning himself  (weather permitting) Can you give Ozzy the perfect home he's searching for,  his friendly nature makes him a perfect companion . 


Cheddar (all black ) and Brie ( black and white ) are 2 gorgeous sisters who are 6 months old. They absolutely love each other and everyone else around them!  Both girls are very friendly,  energetic, confident, and sociable.  They are used to living with other cats, and a cat-friendly dog, and wouldn't mind a family environment where older children can interact with them and join in playtimes.   They have not been outside yet but may enjoy doing so in the future. The girls are very bonded and where you find one, the other is never far behind,  for this reason, they must be rehomed together but a reduced adoption fee will apply ( £120  for both girls ) Could you be the one to make these girl's dreams come true this summer?


Lulu is a stunning semi-long-haired girl of approx 3 years old. She has spent a while as a stray so is a little wary of new people, she likes to take her time to get to know her new human. Lulu is not keen on other cats and would love to be the only pet in her new home. We think Lulu would benefit from a quiet household with someone who has the time and patience to get to know her, you won't be disappointed! She will need the occasional groom to keep her beautiful coat in tip-top condition. Can you offer this gorgeous girl the safe environment she so deserves? 




Meet the fab four, Cassie and Rhona are little girls, and their brothers Tosh and Jimmy P. They are 10 weeks old ( 9.6.24)  and are ready to fly the nest and find new adventures.  They are all friendly, sociable, confident, and playful, just as kittens should be.  We think they would adapt to just about any situation including other cats, cat friendly dogs or children who they can grow up with.  They can be adopted individually or in pairs (a reduced adoption fee applies if adopted together.) They are eagerly awaiting the next step on their journeys, would you like to be included in this? 


Bella is a gorgeous little lady of approximately 10 months old.  She's very friendly and loveable to her human besties but doesn't like to share them with other pets!  Bella has just done a great job raising 2 lovely boys ( Timmy & Jimmy)  and now it's her time to shine.  She would be fine with older children who would engage in playtime with her, after all, she's only a baby herself!   Can you give Bella a fresh start? 



Starlight is a very petite little lady of approx 7 months old. She is very affectionate and placid, she takes everything in her stride and loves life in general. Starlight seems ok with other cats and settled in with our fosterer straight away, staking her claim to a place on the bed on the first night! Starlight would be fine with children and would love a play mate. Can you offer our little panther a home of her own where she feels safe and loved?  



Timmy & Jimmy are 2 cheeky chaps of 10 weeks old (11.5.2024)   They are brothers and are both friendly, sociable, and confident.  They are young enough to adapt to most situations and absolutely love exploring and investigating new things. The boys love to play and would love a family (s) with lots of time to spend with them who can show them the joys of a loving home.  Timmy & Jimmy can be rehomed together or separately  (a reduced adoption fee will apply if rehomed together )  Can you open your heart to these 2 boys ,there's lots of mischief to get up to! 


Pheonix is a handsome tuxedo gent of 6 years old.  He's friendly once he gets to know you and would love some attention all of his own.  He is used to living with "a lot" of other cats and would be fine with other feline friends.  Phoenix came in with his sister Lilly and these 2 can be rehomed separately or together (a reduced adoption fee applies if adopted together)He's not used to dogs or children but we think he would be ok with older kids who would enjoy his company.  Can you offer Pheonix a new start, he's ready to rise again. 


Lily is a gorgeous tuxedo lady of 6 years old. She's a little unsure of new people at first but soon comes around and is gentle and placid. Lily is used to living with other cats but not dogs. Lily came in with her brother Phoenix and these 2 can be rehomed separately or together (a reduced adoption fee applies if adopted together) if you're looking for a calm companion look no further Lily's your girl, please get in touch. 


Lara is a gorgeous tabby and white lady of 9 years of age.  She came to us as her owner has sadly become allergic to her, so she's a bit confused at the minute wondering what's happening.  She's an affectionate little lady,  demanding fusses and headbutts once she feels comfortable with her new human. She has lived with a cat-friendly dog before but isn't keen on other cats. Lara likes to enjoy the outdoors but loves her home comforts too.  We think she would be ok with older children who have previous cat experience and respect her space .  Can you offer this little lady a new start,  she's not ready for the retirement home just yet!


These are available from RAW and comprise of the following - a cat bed,  3 bowls,  4 toys 2 packets of treats, and 3 days' worth of cat food your new best friend has been having whilst with our foster. All proceeds go straight back to the other cats in our care,  so you will be helping even more furies ( and it's cheaper than the pet store ! ) Beds, bowls, etc may vary. 


or phone 07874945689

CAT CARRIERS £5 each  

Carriers for your new pet are always available to buy from RAW, all in very good, secure condition. Styles may vary. All proceeds go back into saving the cats remaining in our care.


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We have a torteshell cat Minnie, who is 7 and a tabby, Lily, who is six and they’ve both been with us as cat rescues since they were kittens.

Minnie has always been timid but loves attention and lap cuddles and Lily likes a tickle when she wants.  Both love to go outdoors and then come in for their lazy naps.

Unfortunately Minnie has been bothered by the tom cat next door and I also look after my two young, noisy grandchildren all of which seem to make Minnie anxious.

I think she would welcome a quieter home with no children but also feel Lily should stay with her as they are very close as you can see in the video.

Can anyone offer Minnie and Lily a quiet, peaceful home, please? Both cats are well and are up to date with vaccinations. 

If you can help please contact 07857295195