Cats for Adoption

Cats in need of loving new homes in the Barnsley, South Yorkshire area 


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Haloumi, Stilton, Brie, and Cheddar are our cheesy babies!  They are 10 weeks old on 28th Feb and are ready for new adventures with loving families.  Halloumi, Brie, and Cheddar are all girls and Stilton is a boy. All the kittens are super friendly, affectionate, confident, and sociable.  They love other cats and at this young age would adapt to life with a cat-friendly dog, no problem.  They love to play and are interested in everything going on around them.  They also love each other so we will be homing them in pairs  (a reduced adoption fee applies £120 for a pair )  Can you offer a pair of kittens a loving family environment in which to grow and develop?  After all, you can't have enough cheese !! 


Tez is a very handsome tabby chap of approx  1 year old. 

He is friendly, playful, loves attention, and is ‘full of beans’. He would suit most family situations, especially where he has humans who will keep him entertained and fed (he loves his food.)

He is not so sure about other cats at first but with patience and careful introductions, he’ll be fine. We aren't sure how he would be with a canine companion,    but as suggested above we think he would be fine with children who can keep him amused and toss the odd dreamie his way!

 Can you give Tez the new start he is longing for ( "And an endless supply of love and dreamies , would be good too"  says Tez! 



Rosie is a gorgeous all black little lady of 2 years old.  She's a little shy at first but soon comes around for a fuss and a cuddle.  Rosie is looking to be an only pet, as once she trusts her new human best friend she is loving and friendly.  We think she would be ok with older children who respect her space.  She may take a little time to settle in but she's well worth the wait! Can you offer Rosie the quiet home she deserves  


MOMO is a very handsome chap of approx 1 year old.  He's very friendly, gentle, placid, and loving towards his human besties.  Momo's favorite thing is cuddling, unlike most cats he loves to be picked up for a good snuggle. He is ok with other cats but he would love a human all to himself!  He's not used to dogs but we think he would be ok with older children who are used to cats.  Can you offer Momo a loving lap to snuggle in? 


Nya is a gorgeous white and black lady of 6 years old.  she is friendly and loves head boops once she's got to know you.  Nya is ok with other cats after careful introductions but we aren't sure how she would be with dogs.  Nya would be okay with older children who are used to cats and know that sometimes she needs her own space.  She's been a stray for at least 3 months and had to fend for herself,  she's putting all this behind her now and looking to the future,  could this be with you?  


These are available from RAW and comprise of the following - a cat bed,  3 bowls,  4 toys 2 packets of treats, and 3 days' worth of cat food your new best friend has been having whilst with our foster. All proceeds go straight back to the other cats in our care,  so you will be helping even more furies ( and it's cheaper than the pet store ! ) Beds, bowls, etc may vary. 


or phone 07874945689

CAT CARRIERS £5 each  

Carriers for your new pet are always available to buy from RAW, all in very good, secure condition. Styles may vary. All proceeds go back into saving the cats remaining in our care.


or Phone 07874945689