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Bonnie is a beautiful little lady of 8 months old.  She's friendly, lively, and playful. Bonnie is fine with other cats and would probably be ok with a cat-friendly dog. Bonnie would be best  suited to a family with older( teenage) children who she can share playtime with. Could you be the family of her dreams? Please get in touch. 



Whisper is a very handsome tabby chap of 2 years old.  He loves his catnip toys and is playful, confident, and friendly. Whisper is used to living with other cats but not dogs.  He would be most suitable for a family with older children as he can get a bit over-excited when he's playing! He likes to go outside but doesn't roam far as he likes to be the center of attention.  Could you offer this stunning lad a new home in the new year ? Please get in touch  


Tasha is a gorgeous tabby and white girl of 5 years old.  She is very sweet and affectionate.  Tasha isn't used to living with other pets and would benefit from a home/family with no small children as this upset her in her last home.  She would make the perfect companion as she's loving, friendly, and has the makings of a great lap cat.  Can you get Tasha's new year off to a wonderful start?  


Teddy is a beautiful tabby and white boy of approx 3 yrs of age.  He's a little shy at first and takes his time to get to know his new best friend,  but when he trusts his humans he's quite friendly and will sit on your lap for a fuss. Teddy isn't used to other cats, dogs, or children and is looking for a quiet home with a patient owner who lets him take things at his own pace. Can you make Teddy's new year dreams of a loving home come true? 


Mable is a stunning semi-long-haired tabby girl of 6 yrs old.  She is Tilly's daughter and is also a little shy of new environments and experiences. Once she trusts her new bestie she loves nothing more than to curl up on the lap of someone she feels comfortable with.  Mable is not used to children or dogs and would like a quiet home and a patient new bestie who understands she might take a little time to adjust.  Mable and Tilly can be rehomed separately or together as they are not particularly bonded  ( reduced adoption fee applies if taken together £120)  


Tilly is a gorgeous semi-long-haired tortie lady of 8 years old.  Tilly is a little shy when she first meets new people but once she comes around she loves to have a cuddle. She’s very happy spending her day watching people out of the window but isn’t that fussed about going outside.  Tilly isn't used to children or dogs and would prefer a quiet home where she can come around at her own pace  She's Mable's mum but as they aren't that close. They can be rehomed separately or together (a reduced adoption fee applies if taken together £120)