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Viewings are now resumed! If you are interested in any of these fur babies Please fill in the form below and we'll be in contact.

Ripley - Up for Adoption

Rippers here. Yes as you can see I'm back, it turns out my anxieties in the home are a little too much for a family home. I'm very jumpy around unusual sounds and this means I have a tendency to 'bite out'. This doesn't mean I'm not loving and I don't like my homely comforts, like my own bed or a sofa of my own, but I'm told I'm better suited to it in a space of my own like a nice outdoor kennel. That way I don't get spooked too easily, and hurt myself or anyone else. Although my friends in rescue are helping me try and get over this with some training. After 5 years racing and spending all my time in kennels it seems I'm more accustomed to life with more access to outside. I like my walks and although I'm anxious in the home, I love my walks with furry friends, not too small a furries though- I did use to like to chase them, although on my walks I tend to mind my own business and just want lots of hugs and attention. I'm told I have a very waggy tail! So if you are my special home and can offer me what i need then Please get in touch. I have lots of hugs waiting for you!

Joey - Up for Adoption

I'm Joey! Another 4 year old, handsome black beauty. Again I've been through the mill with my toe amputation on my back leg, but its not phased me at all, and meant I've had lots more car rides and home comforts. I love my walks with friends, although I do get a bit vocal around other small furries if they shout at me, so sometimes i like to jump. This means I'd need a strong owner who understands this on my walks. I don't mind walking with my muzzle on like my greyhound friends. I love zoomies in the enclosed field we go to and lots of tummy tickles. Not forgetting treats! As you can see I'm a total goof who loves a fuss and a nice comfy sofa. Get in touch if it could be yours!